In Year 5 one of our homework tasks is to create riddles and maths problems for numbers day. We have to make  problems for parents and fellow pupils for them to solve on numbers day. Also, we can ask other people to do problems for us. We hope there will be lots of blogs and comments!

If you are feeling up for a challenge why not check on the  Yr5 Blog for problems set by us for example One Wasn’t Square.

Well that is if you are up for a challenge. You might not be, but we are. Feel free to comment any challenges you want us to do , on this Blog. This way we will have a challenge too. Remember, we all have our challenge !!


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  1. I am thinking of a number.
    it is odd.
    when the number is divided by a odd number the answer is another odd number.
    the number has two digits.
    what is my number?

  2. Here is a simple problem that should get your brains whizzing, its a countdown conundrum. The number target is 655. You have the cards 100,6,1,10,75,2 with the four standard operations and only one of each card, can you make the total. Who will be the first to do it???!!!!

  3. This is my challenge to you

    One day, a person went to a horse racing area. Instead of counting the number of humans an horses, he counted 74 heads and 196 legs.
    How many humans and horses were there?

    A. 37 humans and 98 horses

    B. 24 horses and 50 humans

    C. 31 horses and 74 humans

    D. 24 humans and 50 horses

    • The answer is (B) because 50 heads add 24 heads = 74 heads. 24 sets of horse legs would equal = 96 legs, 50 human sets of legs would equal = 100 legs 100 + 96 = 196. It wouldn’t be (D) even though 50 horse heads and 24 human heads equals 74 heads. But 24 human sets of legs would be 48, 50 horse sets of legs would add up to 200. 200 + 48 = 248 WRONG ANSWER!

  4. here’s a question that might be familiar for some of you:
    if 10 x a number is 3580 what is the number?
    if I times the number by nine what do you get?
    what is the answer?

    • Brinly, of course the number’s 358, because when you times a number by 10, you get the same number but it has a 0 at the end. 358.
      X. 9
      _____ The number ‘s 3222 when you
      3222. Times by 9.
      3 5 7

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