River Recognition!

On Monday 22nd of June 2015, Year 4 ventured of to Fairham Brook to expand their understanding concerning rivers. During the field trip, the children identified the features in Fairham Brook and analysed the structure; also detailing their reasoning for the causes and effects the structure could impact on the river. Year 4 found these features:

  • a meander; you can see many of these in the River Trent, which joins in a confluence with Fairham Brook.
  • a tributary; it, Fairham Brook itself is one of these and it belongs to the River Trent.

During the activity, Year 4 had the opportunity of precious time, to try out an experiment involving fruit skins and the speed of the water!

Here is how it goes:

Firstly, one person from each group held their i pad at the ready; for keeping record of the time, whilst two others from the group (one to drop the fruit skin and the other to watch nearby) departed to the bridge. On the count of three, the contenders released their fruit skin, giving time for the children with the i pads to start the stopwatch. From the bridge to the boisterous branch marking the deadline, carefully glided along the surface were the skins; some unable to make a turn in the correct direction being stuck in between small particles of sediment.

The Year 4s recorded the distance between the branch and the bridge, measuring 23 metres exact. Once all of the results were recorded and verified,we took an average to see what the average speed of the water was.

What do you know about rivers?Please respond to this question by replying in a comment below, I will answer you.

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