School Rules: Rubbish or Responsible?

As our new Come and See topic is: Freedom and Responsibility, we have been exploring the concept of ‘school rules’. How have they changed over the years? Why are they important? Are they fair? Watch our debate video below and see what you think!



  1. I think school is responsible because we can learn lots. If we didn’t go to school if you get a job you have to know simple things like count numbers. School is responsible because you’ll never know how to do stuff.

  2. You have blown me away. Your writing is so figurative. You can really persuade people and make them believe you. You have really persuaded me. well done Year 5

  3. Year 5, you have used persuasive devices to make me think on which debate won! However, school rules are fundamental.
    To me, the word ‘Freedom’ means that you are free. No one tells you what to do and you are free to do anything.
    ‘Responsibility’ for me means that you have a role to do, and you have rules to do what you are assigned for, and it is your duty.
    I think that school rules are important, because they keep the pupils altogether. Also, rules are there to control how the school works, and how they present themselves.

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