Science Ambassador’s Big Question

Our amazing Science Ambassadors (from FS to Y6) met again this week to discuss all things Science.

They’ve all been busy making notes on any Science that they experience in their class, taking photos, helping set up investigations, reminding others to bring in ‘lab coats’ and interviewing classmates about what they think Science really is. (We’d love to see more of your ideas about this on our previous blog)

Their feedback was really positive, our children love Science and really want more.

Now our next Big Question is ….How can we improve Science?

Over to you….


  1. We can improve science by having chemistry in school with explosions! It will be great to have that in school!

  2. We can improve science by having a science project competition it would be good to see people’s projects
    Like a volcauno explosion it would be wonderful to see that.

  3. We can make science better at BRW by every term every class should have an lesson with a plastic volcano and make an investigation like what thing is the best to make it explode.

  4. I think we could improve our science lessons by having mad science during the lesson. That would be amazing! Because if you didn’t get into mad science you can do it in class.

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