Sentence Challenge Year 3

Sentence challenge!

Fronted adverbials

A fronted adverbial goes at the beginning of a sentence.

It describes the verb in the sentence.

It describes where, when or how.

E.g. A few minutes ago, the egg had started to crack.

With a gentle cracking noise, the creature emerged from the egg.

Your challenge if you choose to accept is this….

Create three fronted adverbial sentences of your own (Where, when and how). Remember punctuation and powerful words.

Don’t forget to add a positive comment on someone else’s work too!


  1. Many years ago,in Peru an egg was layed. A few years later, a bunch of explorers found the little, blue egg. With a little shake, the egg cracked open.

  2. Here are my 3 fronted adverbial sentences:
    Perched on a twig, was a fluffy robin, twitching his head.
    Swishing in the wind, was a field full of grass.
    Hidden in the forest, was a furry orange fox.

    • Well done Matthew, that’s what we learn in year 6. Your doing year 6 work, you should be proud of yourself. Why don’t you try to further the information, hooking the reader in?

  3. Wow, a great successful start!
    Matthew, a lovely variety of fronted adverbial phrases. Excellent verbs and super adjectives.
    I love the Peru link Madison. I’d even imagine this to be the start of a really exciting story…

  4. 1. In the meantime, on the mountain top, the mouldy egg began to shake. Then all of a sudden with a powerful crack, the dinosaur’s head appeared.
    2. At the City Ground, on Saturday, 3 sensational goals were scored.
    3. Deep in the woods at midnight, you could hear the fox growling.

  5. Once upon a time there were dinosaurs RULING! the land. A blue old coloured T REX he was living in PERU with loads of other young dinosaurs. He was born in 1013-1346 the new born baby boy was born in 1345 but the new dinosaur took 1 year to crack. Sadly the mother did not get to see her baby boy. Late in the day the blue egg silently rolled away into the great jungle. The egg was missing for 2 years then all the dinosaurs were dead, but one was remaining alive yet cracked.

  6. A few months ago there was a turquoise egg.
    It was on the towering, high mountains of PERU.
    It came their because of the strong, powerful wind.

  7. I am so impressed with all the sentences so far – fronted adverbials and adjectives and conjunctions! Keep them coming Year 3

  8. On the mountain top, there was a blue cracked egg.
    A few hours later, it began to crack.
    Slowly, it began to revile a gooey Dragon head inside.

  9. My three fronted Adverbials are:
    Many years ago on the rocky mountain summit it was very windy, There was a turquoise, cracked egg which was slowly going to crack.
    A few days later on the sticky swamp, a blue cracking egg appeared.
    Sometime in the day a revealing cracking, egg was there lying looking at the boiling sun.

  10. Five months ago,in darkest Peru an egg was laid. A few years later, people went into Peru and saw a blue egg and took it back home. Suddenly the egg cracked and then the baby dinosaur escaped.

  11. Once upon a time, a strange egg came to a ground in Peru.This strange egg was cracking and it turned into a huge animal. It was mysterious, nobody knew where it came from…

  12. A long time ago in Jurassic World, a little Velociraptor was just being hatched from its egg. It was a scientist that discovered the Velociraptor was there. The Velociraptor could not walk yet so he rolled off inside his egg, into the Jurassic Jungle. He later became a mighty beast, hunting for prey.

  13. Many years ago there was an explorer who were exploring the rainforest of Peru.They were searching in all directions then one of the explorers saw a turquoise egg rolling around. Quickly he called all the explorers. Then it stopped!. Immediately they took the egg home. Slowly the blue turquoise egg cracked. There lay a beautiful soft yellow chick.

  14. 200 milion years ago, in Peru an egg was laid. All of a sudden, the egg started to crack. As fast as he could, the dinosaur came out from the egg.

  15. Here are my 3 fronted adverbials
    The small sticky mysterious creature, looked around quickly.
    Seventy minutes later, the creature stomped around violently.
    In the middle of the field, the stick mysterious violent creature began to dance happily

  16. Two milion years ago, in Poland a litle egg was in a cave with its mum and dad they lived there for a very long time.Suddenly a lot of wolves came and they wanted to have the egg.The mum said “no you will not even dear to”. The dad told the mum that there the strongest wolves in the country.

    • You need a third fronted adverbial Marcel, as the last two aren’t. Keep it simple, don’t try to pack too much into one sentence.

  17. Here are my 3 fronted adverbial sentences.

    Many many years ago,there was a turquoise egg that lived in a little girls garden.
    A few weeks later,it was really windy so the egg rolled from a girls garden all the way to Peru!
    Very, very slowly, on a summers day the egg rolled up the high,towering mountains of Peru,suddenly the egg began to crack…

    • Interesting that Mairead thinks the egg could have rolled down the mountain. I was imagining it to be a magic egg, so it could do anything! I’d love to know what happened next.

  18. A million years ago, an enormous egg had been found in Peru. In a wet,dark,dangerous swamp, some camp people saw a blue shiny egg. Loudly, the egg cracked and a strange creature came out from it.

    • Abram – to improve yours I suggest changing ‘saw’ and ‘came out of it’.
      Any suggestions for something more powerful?

  19. A long time ago, in a land far far away there lived a very fierce dragon.
    On a a dark hill, the dragon lay in the mist and lay an egg.
    A Year later, the egg hatched and a baby dragon emerged.

  20. Here are my 3 fronted adverbials.
    A long time ago, a mysterious egg appeared out of nowhere!
    All night long, the mysterious egg jumped up and down energetically.
    A few minutes later, the egg suddenly hatched, it appeared to be a magnificent, rare baby dragon!

    • Great work Jaeden, you’ve used good punctuation too. What adjective could you use instead of ‘mysterious’ to avoid repeating yourself?

  21. Here are my 3 fronted adverbials!

    A few years ago, the egg moved away.
    In the Amazon rainforest, all the animals stared at the egg.
    With a gentle cracking noise, the creature crawled out!

    • Sandhra, I love the last sentence…the creature crawled out! It sent shivers down my spine. You need to clarify the first sentence, what do you mean, ‘the egg moved away’?

  22. Jaeden well done, i really enjoyed how you explained the “magnificent baby dragon!”
    TIP: Use a thesaurus to improve your language and vocabulary
    I hope you write more about this “rare” dragon baby you could do a fact file

  23. Yesterday the dog was running fast
    last year I lost my first toith biting on a apple
    last week I triped on a stone when I was running away from a dog

  24. Last year, at Easter, I had 10 eggs.
    With a large bang on the floor, I cracked open the egg.
    After I opened the egg, lots of sweets dropped out.

  25. Many years ago a group of travellers stumbled across a beautiful bright blue egg.
    All day long the travellers admired it’s pure beauty.
    Suddenly out of nowhere the egg began to rumble, shortly after a loud cracking noise startled the travellers.

  26. I like yours Kade because it was talking about Easter.Mostly I loved the part when you said “I opened the egg,lots of sweets dropped out.

  27. A few seconds before the earthquake, the egg cracked.
    The next day, after the earthquake, the mysterious egg hatched.
    Curiously peeping at the surroundings, the creature escaped immediately from its birthplace.

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