1. I liked going on the spy misson because we had to go on a misson with our teacher. The best part was going thourgh thel lazers and having the guns. I was scared when we were on the ship it was really dark.

  2. Just to say it was fake guns but really heavy and it also had lasers it was really cool. We had to be going everywhere because we had to find the answers to the questions on the wall, they were stuck everywhere and we had to find if it was the right one, it was fun.

  3. It was amazing! We had laser guns and they were really really heavy. We had to find facts about spies. The clues were pinned all over the walls. It was really good fun.

  4. The school trip to spy missions was spectacular. My favourite part of the day was when we had to climb over and squeeze under the lasers because it was challenging
    and fun. I found out lots of interesting facts about spies, I was amazed to discover that spies used pigeons to pass on secret messages.

  5. My, my! Year 3&4, i bet, I bet you had a phenomenal time! Lasers and guns… I hope you weren’t going to be trapped… But I know that Year 3&4, they are resilient! They would never ever EVER give up! It’s like Mission Impossible, but it’s actually Missions Aren’t Impossible For Year 3&4! I hope everyone had a great time!

  6. Year3&4 you are two resilient classes. You did not get trapped and you were brilliant. I hope you had a phenomenal time and good fun!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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