Stonebridge City Farm

Today Year 1 visited Stonebridge City Farm to learn more about our topic about growing!

We got to plant our own GIANT sunflowers that would grow as big as the gardener’s shed and the flower as big as his head! We had to fill the pots full of compost, plant four seeds and then water them. After we went on a minibeast hunt and found…. slugs, snails, worms and even a jumping frog!

Then we had to feed the sheep, goats and pigs with animal food made from grass. The animals were very gentle and tickled our hands when they ate the food. But there was one greedy goat that pinched some bags full of food, here he is!

When we went into a hut we held some rabbits, guinea pigs and ducklings. We had to keep our voices down so the animals didn’t get scared and we had to hold and stroke them gently. They were so soft and fluffy.


We had a truly amazing day learning all about animals and growing!




  1. I can tell that each and every one of you are having fun. You are not just having an enjoyable time, but setting an example to our school. You now know many facts about growing.

  2. Wow, those sunflowers are massive and those animals so cute. I absolutely love Stonebridge farm because I used to go there all the time when I was younger…I even had my birthday party there when I was about seven! When I had my holidays my rabbit used to go on hers at the farm and later on she even went to go and live at the farm. I ❤️Stonebridge.

  3. I’m sorry that I missed this trip, I was poorly. The ducklings, rabbits and Guinea pigs look so cute. My mummy and daddy have promised to take me to the farm because I missed it. I hope you all had a nice time.

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