Tech Future Girls are Back!

Tech Future Girls are back at BRW. The girls will develop their tech skills through a series of fun challenges, themed around their interests.

Sixteen girls ready to face the future of computing, whatever that may be…



  1. If only I was there with you, I used to, yes “used to”, come to Tech Future Girls and it was the best club I have ever been to. There are so many different, fun and clever activities in general. It combines girly stuff with digital technology and encourages more careers for girls in technology. I want to be a type of scientist, called a genomicist, when I grow up and I need to use tech – so I will not forget my Tech Future Girls lessons!
    Also, Mrs Piper was amazing!!

  2. Methmi! All of us at TechFutureGirls really do miss you AND the whole of Year6! (Especially me!) We hope that you are having a great time at your new school! (Especially me!) I do agree that Mrs Piper was and still is amazing! Lessons for TechFutureGirls are still absolutely brilliant!


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