The Greatest Storm – Y3 Writing Challenge

In Greek and Roman mythology, people believed that the weather was controlled by Gods who sat in the clouds controlling the events on Earth. If you were one of these Gods, what would you control and change? How would you make sure the people on Earth had happy and interesting lives?

How do you think this ship has ended up here?

The wind howled menacingly like a wolf at the full moon. Lightning licked across the evil sky: a serpent’s tongue tormenting the clouds. The Earth began to shatter…

Can you continue the story using similes, prepositions and powerful vocabulary to paint a vivid picture in the reader’s mind of The Greatest Storm?


  1. As the swerling clouds enveloped everything that lyes beneath them , the sea bombarded the people on the crooked ship.Everyone’s hart and stomach circled each other in a dance of fear.

  2. Broken ships were scattered around the ocean I could not believe that our God would do something like that ,as we headed further out ships were sunken I feared the mystical sea quite a bit before but now I hate it much more I yelled, ” turn around the ship we need to head back to the docks!” .We tried to turn but planks of the broken ships blocked our corners so we sailed out even further out so we could turn .Once we turned it was too late the storm had began the waves grew big, the current got stronger I had a feeling we wouldn’t survive luckily another ship came to help but unfortunately when we were just having to turn starbord ( left ) we bashed into rocks and began to sink so my crew and I jumped onto the rock we crashed into to stay safe but little did we know there were aligators surrounding us for their tea… would we survive or we be swallowed whole?…

  3. As the storm got stronger and stronger the sea got huger and huger and the people`s stomach got sick. They thought what is the god doing to the sea and the storm and why?Then the god made it stronger and huger the boat planks came of and sank in the sea. The boat began to sink in to the deep blue sea so the people jumped into the sea.

  4. I would give materials to build and create animals so that people have food and a place to live.

    One of the gods made a storm but Poseidon stopped it. But the ship crashed on the rocks instead of sinking.

    The clouds boiled like angry water and covered the ship in an angry breath. The clouds terrified the sailors forcing many to leap into the sea. Even the families were not spared.

  5. Savagly the exterminated sea ascended off the irregular ground . After that the distructed ships misery was getting dreadful.Expeditously the boat was fractional . The delicate boat gluided sorrowfully through the arenaceos waters and the atrocious, unnaceptable storm. The sea bombarded the ship , the people in the ruined ships heart and stomach had a dance of fear and anxiety.

  6. Fog so thick it covered the ship like a blanket of cotton wool lmaking it hard for the ship mates to see. Rain as hard as stones bounced off the wooden fragile deck. Mountains of angry black waves that looked like enormous claws rocked the ship to almost tipping point The masts were torn to shreds by the violent screaming winds Thunder rolled across the charcoal sky revealing the fury of the gods. The shipmates tears mixed with rain numbed their faces as they tried their best to control their broken ship through the tunnel of doom! all they could do was pray to the gods to calm the storm and for the ocean to return to the kind and gentle blanket it once had been.

  7. The wind blew fast as a terrible, colossal storm. The fresh,bright and blue sky filled with joy, suddenly all of that lush melted without a pinch of happiness. The waves swooshed, the salt in the water splashed everywhere. A boat sank to the bottom of the dark, unhappy and blue ocean while the wind shaked with anger. The clouds turned grey like a wolfs fur. The sky was covered with a pitch black blanket. Fog covered the old, rusty and wooden tiles of the boat !

  8. The great blue sky aggressively whistled a loud horrible sound while the ships trembled in fear as they were being wrecked. Frightened, haunted, doomed, the sailers of the destroyed ships nearly drowned because of the fearsome storm. The dreadful waves swished and swished making the ships rock. WHOOSH, WHOOSH!

    The clouds were like frightful monsters terrorising the salty sea but, who was doing this? Was it the Gods and Goddesses living above the clouds? The Gods seated themselves on clouds while doing there jobs. The sky had formed into a grey colour like a wolf’s fur. The storm roared very loudly, so loud that the Earth shuddered like a rumble in your belly. The blanket of water continued to petrify the sailors and the fog had become so thick that it was almost like grey cotton. Thunder blocked the way the sailers way. As the clouds moved aside, it revealed the rage of the furious Gods. The sailers’ hearts pounded as they sank into the stormy sea. Once again the sky was light blue and the clouds were white.

  9. The waves were high and fierce crashing at the mysterious boats swaying back and forth in the swollen sea! The gods show their fear and disappointment in the ragging storm. The waves and clouds became one. The sailors were shocked at the gods anger and had no choice but to leave the safety of the ship and leap into gods ocean.

  10. The storm felt like an earthquake the massive boat almost fell apart people were hanging on for dear life. On that scary, stormy night the gigantic boat floated on enormous, gigantic sea for a long time people were scared the wind blue like it was a tornado. Later on the boat got unstable and unsafe the rusty boat was about to fall in the sea.

    People thought this was the most dangerous journey ever but the was really freezing people were freezing to death. The boat was about to sink in the boat but sadly it did not many people survived and the rusty boat was in the ocean and the city was back to normal.

  11. A cold and eerie mist descended onto a barren, abandoned wasteland. A ghostly ship revealed itself through the misty, paranormal
    fog. The seas writhed onto the ugly shore. CRACK! BANG! What had happened! The ship slowly turned with it’s nose pointing to the shore. It was going to head out to SEA … To be continued.

  12. The stormy weather was very bad, the ship moved like a helta scelter and the driver of the ship was telling the people that they don’t need to worry. They couldn’t stop worrying about the ship crashing, they said will this be the end of our lives. The driver said it won’t be the end of your lives but then the driver was to busy trying to keep the people calm. No one was steering the ship suddenly the ship crashed into a humongous iceberg .

  13. The weather was vicious and dangerous. The ship could barely take it anymore, they were trapped inside a gargantuan storm. Everybody feared for their lives and could see no escape from the violent, crashing waves of the stormy sea. Lightning flashed and thunder roared menacingly and dramatically lighting up the jet black night sky filling all on board with terror. Suddenly the ship fell silent as the storm stopped. Everyone on the ship bowled down to the Gods for saving them.l

  14. The waves were so strong and the rain wrapped around the ship in the wild winds…. the ship swayed from side to side in a desperate attempt to stay on the sea and refused to give in ….. suddenly the gods in the sky broke through the clouds and calmed the wind…… the ship was still.

  15. Stormy clouds begin to roll in, blocking the bright sun. It silently looms over the crew in anticipation as they desperately scramble across the teetering deck to their assigned positions. Shadows swallow the last rays of light, and thunder crackles through the air. Rain begins to pour furiously, drowning any sight of certainty. Monstrous waves of contrasting shades slam the ship….

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