The Heart Which Sees

The‘Heart Which Sees’ image shown here can be interpreted in many ways.  Look carefully and you’ll notice many things…the shape of a heart, an eye…some say they can see the outline of a fish.

What stands out clearly, above all else, is the centre: the heart, the love. Love is lived out in many ways: in all we do, see, feel, speak, hear and think.   Here at BRW, this image features on all classroom displays and in the school hall. 

In the words of Pope Francis, “Holiness doesn’t mean doing extraordinary things,but doing ordinary things with love and faith.  Love is the measure of faith.”

The image reminds us of the words of John 15:12, “Love one another as I have loved you.”  A simple yet powerful piece of scripture of how we treat each other at BRW and beyond.