Tips On Basketball

Basketball is a great sport to play! It gets your muscles moving, as you move up and down the court, as if you were flying!

These are some great tips that I have learnt throughout my basketball career:


  • ALWAYS keep your eyes on the person your marking and on the ball at the same time.
  • Remember, you are not alone on the court! You have four other teammates by your side.
  • If your under pressure, then try faking a pass or a shot to trick the defender in front of you.
  • When you have the ball, try bending your knees so then it’s harder for the defender to reach it
  • When your teammate has a defender in front of them, try getting into a clear space where there are no defenders, then that makes it easier for your teammate to pass to someone.


If you play basketball, or have just started, then I hope these tips are useful!



  1. Basket ball is a really fun sport especially if you play as a result of team and thanks for the tips now I can get better at basketball.

  2. WOW Katie I did not no how to do those tricks now I do thank you very much for that and I will go and use them right now.

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