Unconditional Love

To all members of Year 6, our first Come and See topic of the term is ‘Loving’. We will begin by exploring ‘unconditional love’.

Here’s your HWK task linked to the above:

Find and gather a range of lyrics, pictures, illustrations, photos and quotes that demonstrate ‘unconditional love’. What you bring in will produce a piece of art for our RE books – lots of you found beautiful items for your summer holiday HWK – this is the kind of thing we need!

Alongside these example, answer the following questions:

Q What does unconditional love mean?

Q Who loves and cares for you? How do they show love and care and why?

Q What do members of your family do for each other and why?

Q How have you been inspired to love by these people in your life? How do you show love to others?

The above could be completed and evidenced on the class blog, or any other way you wish. Be creative…dig and discover; make and master!

Make it count!



  1. I’m going to try my hardest to achieve the best mark on this subject this year I’m sure this year is going to be one of the most memorable year in my school journey. I’m sure we’ll try all are hardest on this special subject.

  2. Unconditional love means that the person who loves you will never break their faith with you. For example: your parents, your siblings and even God. The members of my family like my parents they care for me and spends a lot of money on studying so I can have good and better future. I’m inspired by my dad and mum who shows me unconditional love so ill will to show my children unconditional love. I’ll show love to others by helping with stuff they find hard so then I can express my love for them.

  3. Also my siblings show me unconditional love so in the future I can pay them back all the time. I am glad my family shows me this much love I’m sure I’m very lucky to be in this family.

  4. Unconditional love means without any expectations and thoughts caring about others happiness
    My family care for me ‘caring me good advice,care and fulfilling my all wishes
    My family always think about others,sacrifice
    their time,work and try to bring smile on people who are in need
    Respecting and knowing them,I like to care and help others as my parents do

  5. This homework was fun and challenging because we had to find different pictures and quotes. it was hard to find relevant pictures to do with unconditional love

  6. Unconditional love means that it will never end and that what ever we do they will still love you. My famaly and friend care for me.we show love by doing some thing speishle for someone like: helping them, baking a cake and supporting them.

  7. To me, unconditional love means that you love someone or something no matter what happens between you. Keep spreading the love Year 6. ❤️

  8. I think unconditional love means that you’ll love someone no matter what. The people in my family and my friends show unconditional love to me

  9. I think unconditional love means that you’ll love someone no matter what. The people in my family and my friends show unconditional love to me.

  10. we all show love every day but is it always unconditional? i believe that we only show
    unconditional love for who are with us our whole lives

  11. Unconditional love is a feeling of love that you will have forever it will stay in your heart and it will never be broken. It means your love for that person will never fall apart! If you got in a fight and you say you hate them you know you still love them deep inside and nothing will come between it!!

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