Visit Nottingham!

Last half term, Year 6 were inspired by the effects a well-written persuasive text could have on its audience. As leaders of our school (and the future!), we decided to lead our readers to a city we consider to be one of the greatest in the world: Nottingham! After drafting, editing and re-writing a travel leaflet for the home of Robin Hood, Brian Clough and Paul Smith, we performed our writing to create effective, convincing videos.

Take a look at Megan’s, and watch this space for more finished advertisement for Nottingham!

Are you persuaded? Which of Megan’s devices convinced you?

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  1. I am persuaded Megan!
    Your persuasive video has reminded me that I definitely live, love and like Nottingham.
    I think that the Nottingham Tourist Board will be knocking on our door to request your help in the near future.
    You have worked hard on this, well done!
    Mrs Maylard-Mason

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