We Like To Move It!



Foundation Stage have had an energetic start to 2017 with the help of our new Gym role play area!  As we are thinking about healthy lifestyles and what this means, making a Gym to keep fit was perfect!  The children were so enthusiastic when trying different pieces of equipment and exercises; they used incredible language whilst making up stories in here and practised writing their gym membership cards.

Children enjoyed working together to complete a workout and some children enjoyed being a trainer and teaching others what to do!

Conan – ‘I am doing press-ups to get big and strong muscles, just like my dad!’

Taylor-Jane – ‘This the swimming pool, you can go swimming to keep your body healthy and fit.’

Sarah – ‘I can do the splits!’

Chloe – ‘I love doing P.E and keeping fit, I do ballet after school to keep fit as well.’

Look out for our special visitor on Friday who will be helping the children move their bodies correctly and talking about why it is so important to have a healthy lifestyle…


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