What a Flabbergasting school!!!!!

BRW is a great school because we do a lot of fun things here. We have a lot of things to do here such as if we do good work during the week then the radio is on Thursdays and  you could be on the radio reading your amazing piece of  writing. We are a very catholic school, what ever Jesus tells us when we pray we believe and what ever we do, if it is bad or good, he will love us . We have lots of Masses to represent that we love Jesus because he died on the cross for us to live and challenges us with his teachings of love, even love towards our enemies. So it would be a absolutely amazing to join our school one of you can do a big difference to us having a new student because it is a change for us and you and BRW are ready for big changes!. If we do stuff that are not in the teachings of Jesus our school will show just as much mercy as Jesus does and if you join this school you do not want to leave sadly I have actually experienced this and I will leave on the 31st of March but I know this school will be able to move on without me because they are very strong and I know if anyone joins they will make friends in 1 minute there has been no reports of people getting bullied or hurt and everyone will show mercy to other people if they  accidently hurt someone. We have a liturgy every day during our school holy week such as Palm Sunday, the Last Supper and the Crucifixion. My favourite liturgy/Mass is the Crucifixion because when the Liturgy is on it gives me time to think about how kind it was to give his own life so we could continue our lives. We learn a lot here because if you make a mistake you get time to look back and do the correct answer this is just like the teachings that Jesus taught us if we make a mistake Jesus will give us a second chance to go back and change the things we have done wrong and make them better. Thank you Blessed Robert for all the help and support you have shown me and all the wonderful play times you have given me. I will look forward to sharing all the knowledge I know now and the teachings of Jesus  and taking it to my new school and share it. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!


Dylan, Yr4

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