What Is Your Favorite Book?

I love reading books! Do you? Also, what is your favourite book?

Lately, I have been reading a book called ‘Little Stars’, a Hetty Feather adventure. Little Stars is a book by Jacqueline Wilson-my favorite author-and is about two girls (Hetty Feather and Diamond) who run away from the circus. There goal is to become music hall stars/artists. The pair quickly become the Little Stars of Mrs Rubys show at Cavalcade, alongside many colorful acts-including a friend from Hettys past, Flirty Bertie. But the music hall is both thrilling and dangerous, and Hetty must fight to protect her darling Diamond.

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I recommended children the age 10 or over to read this. It is a very long book but very enjoyable and exiting. What is your favorite book?

Characters that are mainly in the book: Hetty Feather, Diamond, Mrs Ruby (Mistress of the music hall) Miss Gibson (Dressmaker To The Starts) Marina Royal (Hetty’s New Heroine) Flirty Bertie (Hetty’s sweetheart) Dear Jem (Hetty’s First Love) Madame Adeline (Their Most Treasured Friend)

These are all books about Hetty Feather and Diamond.

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Which is your favorite?


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