Who is this week’s Times Table Rockstar(s)?

Welcome to our weekly TTRS update, where you can find out who is top of your class leader-board, as well as which class show the most participation!

Take a look at Week Ending 29.6.18…is your class at the top?

Year 2 Dylan
Year 3 Jae
Year 4 Emilio
Year 5 Archie
Year 6 Lenisha


This week’s speed award goes to…


with an average speed of 1.91 sec/question! (new record speed!)

This week’s accuracy award goes to…

YEAR 3 and YEAR 5 (new leaders)

with 91% accuracy!

And this week’s highest participation award goes to…

YEAR 6 (new leaders!)

with 81% participation in the last seven days!


Well done to all our participants! And just think… YOU could be up there next week, so get onto TTRS and get learning your number facts!

Will YOU be a ROCK HERO?!


  1. Times Table Rock stars is so fun and is also challenging to compete against you friends. It is a great way to improve you times tables but also having a great amount of fun while doing it. When you achieve your quickest amount of seconds we do not stop, instead we do a best and go for a quicker amount of seconds.

  2. I really love TTRS as it really helps with my times tables. I’m going to try hard to get to the top of the leaderboard in Year 6!

  3. I love times tables and I am pretty fast at them. So I think year 6 will probably beat year 5 with the most accuracy. Times tables are so easy.

  4. Well done to all of you who have made it to rock hero and who has made it to the top of the class. You have all done amazing in times table rockstars, we will all be rock heros by the end of this year!

  5. Times table rockstars is challenging but it is really fun. Not only online but we also do TTRS papers in school too which is practice for out times tables.

  6. Times tables Rockstars is good for improving peoples times tables if they are not good at it. Sometimes it is challenging but also fun to play because you can improve your knowledge and even make your own personal avatar. Also it is fun challenging your classmates to a times table match.

  7. TTRS is a challenging yet fun way to improve not only your knowledge of times tables but also your speed at answering them and your accuracy in knowing them. It is a very fun activity which I think all ages can enjoy!

  8. I love times tables rockstars! It is very challenging sometimes but we get through and well done year 6 with the participation and the accuracy!!! Keep up the good work.

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