Worm Charming Competition

Year 1 and 2 took part in a very exciting and extremely noisy competition today!

The rules were simple: In small groups, using a hula-hoop ( to make it a fair test ) they had to charm as many worms to the surface as possible in a set amount of time. No digging, just plenty of charming!

Basically, worms are sensitive to sound vibrations and will come to the surface if their underground world is subjected to the right kind of noise. We all had different tools to help charm (or grunt as it’s known in the US)  the worms. These involved things to bang and thump the ground and lots of musical instruments.

A very popular and traditional method is to insert a garden fork and bang the shaft with a stick so the tines vibrate in the ground.

Many techniques will work…supposedly. We however, despite wetting the ground to encourage the worms out, discovered none!

Why? Some scientific theories (and some not so scientific) were put forward by the children…

…Maybe, they’d dug down even deeper because of the hot weather!

…Perhaps they’ve all gone on holiday.

Why do you think we didn’t find any in the 30 minutes we were stamping, banging, thumping and playing instruments on the ground?


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