Y3 on a Forest Schools Treasure Hunt!

Year 3 were off on a very special Scavenger hunt today! The first session of our Forest Schools was lovely, the sun was out and even the squirrels were happy to be seen in abundance! The children organised themselves into groups and decided how to tackle their list of Autumn Treasures. We had some great discussions about the different types of plants and animals, and all the changes in the season we were witnessing at first hand. They did brilliantly, and were very creative in some of the more difficult ones. They then decided they wanted to tackle the outdoor gym before having their well deserved hot chocolate and marshmallows.

How many of these autumn treasures could you find?

A tough or shiny evergreen leaf that has been shed

The sound of a nut falling to the ground

2 different types of winged seed

A lobed leaf (like an oak leaf)

A plump sweet chestnut

An acorn in its cup

Fallen pine needles

A parachute seed

A shiny conker

A leaf with teeth

A pine cone (thick woody scales or bracts)

A fir cone (thinner more flexible scales or bracts)

The sound of the wind in the tree tops

A fallen twig covered in moss or lichen

A star-shaped leaf (look for sycamore and maples)

10 leaves each with a different autumn colour or shade

The sound of an animal rustling in the dead leaves or undergrowth



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