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Hours and hours had passed, and she hadn’t seen a soul. The monotony of trudging through this seemingly never-ending labyrinth was tiring, and her eyelids felt heavy. The heady scent of the pine sap and earthy moss added to her lethargic state. She felt as if she could close her eyes and sleep for a thousand years. She knew she couldn’t though; being trapped in the woods when night fell wouldn’t be a wise move. Making the most of the remaining daylight would be crucial, she knew.

A great sense of foreboding filled her, and she had a tight feeling in her chest. The trees around her, like sentinels protecting the gods of the forest, seemed to bear down upon her. The dense army of pine trees threatened her from every side. There was only one path forward, and she took it hesitantly, not knowing what awaited her in the distance…

Continue the story – everyone needs to write the next paragraph. Use adverbs and adverbial phrases to improve your writing. Don’t forget to include powerful verbs and adjectives!


  1. She looked around there was not a sound. Beads of sweat trickled down the back of her neck. She was frightened like never before. She heard a noise. What could she do? She ran and ran. Then she saw it. A massive, foreboding monster was rearing up behind her. Her mouth opened to form the perfect ‘o’. Was it dream? It couldn’t be. The monster roared and she began to sprint…

      • The monster was as big as a mountain she sprinted for her life she hoped she could get away from the monster. As she ran she glimpsed the monster at the side of her hoping to eat her.

    • She looked secretly around as if she was doing something mischivios. The monster stared at a dark figure up ahead in the distance, she moved closer and the black, tall figure in front of her. Trees were surrounding the monster and the figures leg soon appeared.

  2. As she nervously walked down the dark gloomy path her heart beat harder and faster like a beating drum!so hard it felt like it would burst out of her chest. The flying nats and cobwebs irritating her face and the branches catching her hair felt like long creepy fingers stroking her, The sound of the snapping twigs as she walked made her think somebody was following her. The spooky shadows all around her from the blowing trees played tricks with her imagination! was it somebody watching her or a fearsome creature? As the girls body was overtaken by fear and the endless path seemed to have no end she spotted a blury light in the distance, at first she felt hope and relief, was this the end of the terrifying woods? was it help ahead? then the relief quickly turned to fear again! what if it was danger! what should she do? shout for help or run in the opposite direction?……

  3. She looked behind her, it was something. Was it someone or something? The noise was strange, she didn’t know what it was. Something was behind her. She felt like something was starting at her. Before she could what it was she sprinted as fast as she could. She looked behind her and it was something strange. What was it?…

  4. While she stumbled in the pine tree forest her heart beaten like a drum.Then she heard this creepy sound she thought there was a pitch black large monster.

  5. As the girl sprinted through the threatening woods she saw a shadow past by. The horrifyin, intimidating creature/monster rustled through the trees as the person walked around the woods.

  6. Her stomach circled in a dance of fear her sweat was chucking and she could not speak.She heard a song so she sprinted to the Bush almost banging her head near the log.She curled all the way but she heard a person, could she be murdered? Could she be joking?Then she saw a Vampire behind her back, her mouth shaped a O shape and then she shouted for help! Noone knew where she was she thought is everyone dead?Then the Vampire Lost concentration she had a chance to run but she said to herself why am I here, I should Just get eaten and after all that she got eaten.

  7. She glanced around but there was still terrifying silence. SNAP! She stood on a crooked, ancient branch which broke the silence. Was it her or was it someone or something else? She could sense something on the move. Suddenly she sprinted ahead. It got darker and darker. A colossal shadow lay before her but what was it?…

  8. Suddenly her heart and stomach circled in a dance of fear and anxiety.She froze. What was happening? The girls vains pumped with fright. Swiftly a mysterious noise found it’s way to her ear drum.Hazardously she scrambled,as she went on she saw a murky and polluted pond. Boisterously she heard footsteps was it someone or something?

  9. There was only one path forward, and she took it hesitantly, not knowing what awaited her in the distance…

    Around her the trees began to writhe, roots grasping at her feet. Her heart began to beat in a dance of fear, like drums echoing a song of fear. The sound of slow breathing seemed to be coming from all around her making her feel claustrophobic and trapped.

  10. As she nervously walked through the gloomy pitch black path. Her heart and stomach danced in a danced in a dance of fear each time the young girl stepped forward. There were bats flying everywhere she could not believe her eyes. Her heart was beating so fast. Suddenly she tripped and heard a sound it was a creepy sound so she dashed through the forest. But the sound was not going away. She could not stop running. What could she do? shout for help or run in a different direction?…..

  11. his body was full of terror and fear, a waterfall of sweat trickling down all over his body. he suddenly heard a mysterious voice behind him. he dashed rapidly without looking back, he was filled with tension his veins bulged everywhere, it was like he almost fainted. He was really worried of what’s going to happen next. Will it get me?, is it still catching me? he thought he never give up he said to himself… but suddenly something happened mysteriously…

  12. She headed down the path and continued walking through the woods, unaware that anything possibly could go wrong.
    The wind was whispering, the branches swaying in the wind, the trees stretched out their arms, and waved at her in all directions, as if they were trying to attack her. She felt like a thousand eyes were watching her, the pale light of a clouded sun slipping past the dark leaves of the trees….and she could hear strange rustlings in the undergrowth.
    Suddenly she saw a face; a little evil wedge-shaped face, looking out at her from an ugly hole. When she turned and confronted it, it had vanished. Her heart started racing, she got a cold sweat and she could barely move her feet. She turned around quickly, looking back, nothing. She thought she must have been imaging it. Then she heard a noise chittering. She cautiously, slowly walked over; she saw a black figure, it liked a big rat jumped out and squeaked. It was running straight at her. She was completely frozen in fear and shock. She watched, terrified as the creature only got closer and closer. She started to run. The whole woods seemed running now, and she saw a dark tall shadow gliding in front of her, it was chasing her too. Then she ran as fast as she could, and she ran the rest of the way out the terror of wild woods without stopping once.

  13. He began to walk through the narrow path it was pith black. He was getting very nervous when he tip toed forward through the path. He heard a strange sound so every time he stepped nervously on the path it got even terrifying every time he stepped forward until…A vicious beast chased him he began running away from the violent beast. He was gasping for breath so he had a break but he knew to continue running. He couldn’t run anymore what could he do to save his own life? he could scream or continue running.

  14. As she walked up the slightly stoney grassed path she could hear noises all around her.Her mind started to wonder and panic set in.Just what could the noises be,a great big bear a wild giant cat or maybe something worse.Her mind started to paint a picture of a spiney baked dragon with red lobster eyes.Just then she came across a big rock,so she sat down to take a breath and clear her mind.After a couple of seconds she looked up and saw a spider weaving a web and she felt,a great relief came over her so she stood up looked along the path and a rabbit come running out the bushes,the girl had a cheeky grin to herself and thought everything will be ok……

  15. As she tip toed through the deep dark woods she heard rustling in the bushes.She had a look what was there but she saw nothing.There were two dirty,muddy and rusty paths suddenly she heard a voice saying,”choose wisely”.And so she did she certainly chose wisely but she picked the left.”i would not choose the left every thing on the left in this ancient place is bad luck”.This mystry thing said.But she did not listen.She found a cottage.The door opend suspiciously as she walked towardes the cottage.

  16. She slowly walked forward in the pitch black gloomy cave, she was shaking terribly not knowing where the path would take her. On her journey she heard rustling coming from the trees this made her feel more nervous, her body was full with fear.. out jumped a colony of wild rabbits she started to run they began chasing after her!!! They shouted for her to calm down and stop running in a soft voice! She thought it was a dream “rabbits don’t talk”

  17. She began trembling through the muddy path.As the young girl trembled through
    the deep forest she saw lots of long,enormous trees.She was amazed to see lots of fresh leavs.The juicy berries fell down onto her head.But when she looked behind her there was a strange noise. She was nervesly terrofied if it could be a hairy,gigantic tiger. What do you think it could be?She was so scared…

  18. She stopped to take a breathe she took a glimpse backwards and in the Corner of her eye she could see the shadow of a monstrous beast crawling behind her . Was she doomed ?Was it over?Her heart was beating faster and faster every second . Suddenly she ran as fast as lightning over the thick brambles that were razor-sharp and around The obstacle of trees

  19. Suddenly in the distance through the shine of the last rays from the sun, she saw something move. At first she thought it could be an animal like a fox or a badger, but it seemed much bigger than that. At this point she was torn between running as fast as her legs would go and an overwhelming feeling of curiosity, she did not feel scared, there was something kind and gentle hiding amongst the trees. As she headed towards it she felt calm and safe…….

  20. As she walked forward looking behind to the lurking trees, she hadn’t realised of the wooden logs that had been to her front with louder noise .She tumbled upon them rolling forward. She heard foot steps and in fear stopped the logs and took a step backwards .She heard the leaves sound and was terrified …..

  21. Suddenly, as she walked forwards she saw a little bit of fog as it stomped closer and closer the girl noticed she had scruffy hair ,the unusual girl had black as dark chocolate hair . Blood rushed through her vanes. Her heart and stomach danced in circle of fear .

  22. She followed the emerald green path way as the twigs cracked through the way she past.Hours later she was tired she sat on the ticklish grass and fell a sleep as fast as she could.After a while all her strength came back and she walked suddenly she saw a beautiful light and she disappeared into a home made out off hay.

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