Year 2

Where are the Wild Things?

From the outset of the term we will be learning more about common British plants and animals. We will use the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ as inspiration for acting and drama. This will then lead into us writing our own stories. We also look at the story structure and distinctive style of Roald Dahl as we investigate the celebrated story Fantastic Mr Fox! We will explore the text and get to grips with the wonderful vocabulary used to bring this story of an extraordinary wild animal to life! We will also be reading a range of non-fiction texts focused on gardening, plants and local animals. Furthermore, we will have the opportunity to practise writing recounts in the first person following our overnight sleep-out at school! Our mathematics lessons will also be inspired by the animals and plants around us. We will develop our understanding of measure as we cultivate our own crops and we will use pictograms and graphs to record our observations.

In Science we will be learning about the local flora and fauna. We will be investigating plants in our school grounds and making comparisons with plants further afield in Glapton Woods during Forest School session. Our Geography sessions will focus on the man made and natural features of locality. We will craft our own maps and compare the school grounds here in Clifton with one in Bunkpurugu. RE, as always, will be at the heart of our curriculum. We will be learning more about the celebration of Pentecost and how we are challenged each and every day to grow and live our lives in Jesus’ footsteps in our topics Treasures, Rules and Serving. Miss Ferrara will also be sharing her experiences of how faith shapes lives for children in Africa following her visit to Bunkpurugu in June.

In our Art, Design & Technology sessions we will be learning about texture. through. Miss Ferrara will be helping the children learn more about how to represent the textures of common British animals and plants in both material and clay.

Year 2 swimming sessions will start again, every Wednesday, from the second half of term. In outdoor games we will be developing our athletics skills in preparation for Sports Day. KS1 Sports Day itself will give the children the opportunity to show off their new skills! All are welcome to come and cheer.

It’s the time to Dig & Discover, Make & Master in Year 2!

Ways You Can Help…

Encourage your children to bring in PE kit on Monday.

Read every evening and sign your child’s reading log.

Check the reading record for homework . This will be set every Tuesday and due in the following Monday.


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