Year 2

Image result for how do our garden growHow does our Garden Grow?

From the outset of the term we will be learning more about how plants, animals and people grow. RE, as always, will be at the heart of our curriculum. We will be learning more about the celebration of Pentecost and how we are challenged each and every day to grow and live our lives in Jesus’ footsteps in our topics Treasures, Rules and Serving. In our Science sessions we will be learning more about plants, how they germinate from seeds and we will be growing super-foods in our own garden. Alongside this, we will be investigating the food sources of different animals which live in our locality. We will learn more about the roles that producers, consumers and predators play in food chains and even have some scheduled visits from dogs, rabbits and chickens to look forward to.

In our English sessions we will look at the story structure and distinctive style of Roald Dahl as we investigate the celebrated story Fantastic Mr Fox! We will use drama to explore the text and get to grips with the wonderful vocabulary used to bring this story of an extraordinary animal to life! We will also be reading a range of non-fiction texts focused on gardening, plants and local animals. Our mathematics lessons will also be inspired by growth! We will develop our understanding of measure as we cultivate our own crops and we will use pictograms and graphs to record our observations.

In our geography sessions we will be taking part in field work investigations of our local environment and comparing it with a real life urban farm in Nottingham and one in Bungpurugu ,India! In History, we will be learning about changes in living memory as we learn more about the life of our local community figure, our gardener Sarah Taylor. The vegetables we grow in our own garden will be used to create our own super-food soups as part of our D+T projects. We will also be inspired by God’s creations as we experiment with different media in our Art sessions.

Year 2 swimming sessions will start again, every Wednesday, from the second half of term. In outdoor games we will be developing our athletics skills in preparation for Sports Day. KS1 Sports Day itself will give the children the opportunity to show off their new skills!


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