Year 2

A very warm welcome back to all Year 2 pupils and parents! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Year 2 worked extremely hard in the Autumn term and they should be very proud of how far they have come. I am especially impressed with their determination to take on their role as Key Stage leaders. They love to learn and I know they will be eager for more knowledge and responsibility in the Spring Term.

As you may have guessed from our Topic Title: ‘Lost and Found’, our topic this term will revolve around Pirates and the treasures we can find in the world around us. In English, we will start the year by writing a biography of the life of the infamous Pirate Blackbeard. We will continue to explore story-telling this term and we will read stories such as ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘The Night Pirates’. In Maths, we will continue to problem-solve, reason and develop our Mathematical fluency. Our Mathematical topics for this term will be Multiplication and Division, Statistics, Geometry and  Fractions. Our Come and See lessons will explore the topics of  Books, Thanksgiving and Opportunities. As always, we will learn stories from the Bible and  discuss how we can apply Christian values to our own lives.  We will also take part in thought-provoking and beautiful liturgies run by the Liturgy Leaders in Year 2.

In our History lessons, we will be travelling back in time to meet famous pirates and explorers. Whilst in our Geography lessons, we will be travelling around the world to learn about the areas of the world that these famous explorers discovered. In Science, we will be categorising all the living and non-living things to be found in Davey Jones’ Locker! We will also be investigating different habitats visited by celebrated pirates and we will learn about the food chains we find under the sea and on desert islands! In DT, Year 2 will work in teams to make model Pirate Ships; then we will develop our sketching ability by drawing our models in our Art lessons. When we are in the Computing Lab, we will be developing our word processing and keyboard skills to write about pirates using Power Point. In Music, we will be inspired by the swash-buckling ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ soundtrack. PE lessons will focus on Pirate– inspired team games and developing the children’s coordination skills.

           Ways You Can Help…

Encourage your children to bring in their PE kit on Monday.

Read every evening and sign your child’s reading log.

Check the reading record for homework . This will be set every Tuesday and due in the following Tuesday.

Websites for Year 2 to learn from and enjoy


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