Year 2

It’s the time to Dig & Discover, Make & Master in Year 2!

How did London change following the Great Fire of 1666?

As a school we are revelling in having the chance to Dig, Discover, Make & Master this year! We will be continuing to develop these skills this term but our focus in class (following heated discussions with the children!) will be discovering more about the Great Fire of 1666! We will be reading the story of Toby and the Great Fire in class and using the story and to inspire our writing.

We will also have the opportunity to get first hand experience of artefacts from the 17th century and investigate the causes and affects of the fire itself. In Geography we will be looking at the capital cities of the UK, including the home of the Great Fire, London. We will then be comparing it with other capitals and learning more about the difference between urban and rural landscapes.

Our scientific investigations will also be inspired by this period in history. We will learn more about materials and their properties as we investigate how houses in 1966 were built…and burned! We will also be learning more about the seasons. We will also be considering the impact that the seasons had upon the outcome of the fire.

In Mathematics we will be working hard to develop our knowledge and recall of multiplication, addition and subtraction facts. We will be using these on a weekly basis to develop our problem solving skills and we will have chance to showcase them during the school’s celebration of NSPCC Number Day later in the term.

In RE the children will be working alongside Miss Ferrara. We will be learning about special books, the Bible and the stories of the explorers in the New Testament particularly the story of John the Baptist and Jesus’ own baptism. Judaism will be a focus of our studies in other faiths. In class Year 2 will be learning about the Jewish celebration of the Shabbat. In Art we will be taking a journey from sketch to sculpture as we use fire itself to inspire our investigation of form and line. In Design and Technology we will be creating free-standing structures to build the city of London itself.

In Music we will learn to sing in rounds as we perfect songs from the time such as ‘London’s Burning’. We will make the most of our Forest School sessions by developing our understanding of tools and knots. We will use our time in the forest to engage in imaginative play and develop our turn-taking and listening skills. When we are in the Computing Lab, we will be developing our word processing and keyboard skills to write about Charles I using Power Point. We will also be starting to code as we use Run Marko Run in context of escaping the Great Fire itself! We will be swimming in the second half of term and developing our balance in gymnastic this half term.

Mrs Henderson


Ways You Can Help…

Encourage your children to bring in a labelled swimming kit each Monday. Please bring PE kit on Tuesday

Read every evening and sign your child’s reading log

Check the reading record for homework . This will be set every Tuesday and due in the following Tuesday.


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