Year 2

A very warm welcome back to all Year 2 pupils and families! I hope you had an enjoyable and restful summer.  I am really looking forward to getting to know your children and helping them to learn and grow. As your children are now the oldest children in KS1, I am sure they are eager to take on the new responsibilities and challenges that come with it. Throughout this year, I hope to work with you to stimulate your children’s imagination, ambitions, hopes and help them to have the confidence to say ‘I WILL’!

As always, our RE topics will form a big part of our journey together. Our topics are:

  • Beginnings: we will explore the children’s experiences of beginnings and the creation of the world.
  • Signs & Symbols: The children will learn about the signs and symbols we see in daily life then will discover how to make links to signs and symbols of baptism.
  • Preparations: the children will learn that Advent is a time for preparing for Jesus. We will think about how we prepare for celebrations in our daily life.

Our topic this term will be based on Alice in Wonderland and her adventures with the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit. In English, we will be exploring Wonderland through literature and film in order to inspire the children to write with enjoyment and flare. Our Maths lessons will focus on deepening the children’s understanding of Number, the four operations and Money. Throughout our lessons we will explore real-life problem-solving strategies to ensure the children can apply their Mathematical knowledge to everyday-life.

As the author of Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) was born in the Victorian era, our History lessons will focus on exploring the Victorians, Queen Victoria herself and Victorian children. We will continue to learn about the Victorians in our Art lessons, as we will be learning about the work of William Morris (a Victorian textile designer). Year 2 will use outdoor materials to help design and create their own masterpieces. Our map-making skills will be tested in Geography when we create our own map of Wonderland; whilst our cooking skills will be broadened in DT when we  prepare our own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! In Science, the children will learn about Forces and how forces can impact on the way objects travel. They will also explore the changing seasons and create Weather reports.  Year 2 will also enjoy singing songs with Mr Wheat and dancing  with Mrs Bathgate.

           Ways You Can Help…

Encourage your children to bring in their PE kit on Monday.

Read every evening and sign your child’s reading log.

Check the reading record for homework . This will be set every Tuesday and due in the following Tuesday.

Websites for Year 2 to learn from and enjoy



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