Year 3 Class Mass

On Thursday  the 5th  of  February Year 3 celebrated the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord.  The Presentation of the Lord is when Mary and Joseph took their eight day old son, Jesus, to the temple to get blessed by Simeon. Simeon was promised by God that he could see the baby Jesus. When he had seen the baby Jesus he would be able to die happy. In the end Simeon got to see the baby Jesus and he held him in his arms and blessed Christ the Lord and could die in peace. He did.

We all enjoyed our Mass and we had nice clear voices. I enjoyed Father Phillip speaking and all  the blessings. The dancers were very good and the people who were playing instruments were very good as well.

DSC02924 DSC02922 DSC02921 DSC02919 DSC02916


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