Year 3 discover Ancient Egypt in Leicester!

Year 3 visited the New Walk museum at Leicester today and had an amazing time learning to be archaeologists as they examined Egyptian artefacts. They saw mummies from 3000 years ago and discovered which of the Fighting Pharaohs was the best. They tried their hand at using a bow drill and made some lovely amulets.


  1. What did you find there? Did you learn how to mummify? There must have been lots of artefacts from back in the Egyptians times. Did you find any real mummies?

  2. We found 2 real life mummies from Egypt. It was really good and we all dressed up as ancient Egyptians. We also tried to make a pretend fire with a bow, a stone and some sticks. We also made amulets which are outside our classroom. The best thing of all we learnt a lot about Ancient Egypt.

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