Year 3 Maths Chicken Investigation


On the 30th of February 2015 Year 3 did a maths investigation based on our school chickens!

We had to show Scramble where to lay her eggs. Our question was : Can you show Scramble where to lay eighteen eggs inside the egg crate so that each row and column of the crate has an even number of eggs in it?. The crate had six columns and four rows and we only had three crates to lay eggs in but this still didn’t put us off. We ended up making a lot of mistakes but this only made us more determined to work it out. Eventually, we filled the crates with no mistakes and got onto the challenge.

untitledDo you think you could do it?

Our challenge was : A certain egg crate can hold thirty-six eggs. Can Scramble lay twenty-four eggs in the crate so that each row and column has an even number of eggs? I think that we did well in the lesson and at the same time had fun!


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