Year 3 Writing Challenge

The fox shifted his weight onto his right paw, pushing back against nature, fighting to remain upright despite the bitterly cold gust that threatened to topple him.

Snowflakes and chips of ice whipped across his face, stinging his eyes, and the howling words of winter filled his ever-alert ears. The fox wasn’t worried though: he had see harsher winters than this.

His soft, thick coat glowed a majestic shade of orange, like the rising sun on a midwinter’s morning. It’s contrast to the pale purity of the surrounding snow was startling.

‘Crack…’ Fox heard the sound of a twig snapping in the undergrowth to his left. ‘Crack…’ he could hear the sound again, more faintly this time, just above the whistle of the wind.

Something moved. He froze…

 Year 3 Christmas Homework:

Come up with a list of different things you could describe in the picture, e.g. whiskers, fur, snow, wind etc.

Can you then think of powerful verbs, adjectives and similes to describe each item on your list?

Then, write a character description of the fox, using your best language to describe its appearance. You could then use your description to begin a story about the fox in the snow!


  1. The fur was fluffy as a coat.The whiskers were like truly thin as a book page. The snow was white as pure white paint. The wind moved like a tree.

    • Well done Leona. Now complete the homework by using these ideas in a character description of the fox. Use the setting to describe what it might be doing there and expand your sentences and ideas.

  2. The howling wind blew so hard that the foxes beautiful thick ,soft orange fur stood up like sharp prickly nettles. His fur glowed in the thick ,white blanket of snow like a ball of fire. His whiskers had frozen and looked has sharp as icicles. The snowflakes blew hard across his face making his eyes water and his pointy ears filled with snow making it hard for him to hear. Even though the fox was finding it hard to see he noticed something large coming towards him. he couldn’t make out what it was as his eyes were watering so much that his vision was blur,as the figure got closer it got bigger fox was scared he tried to move his frozen paws but ……….

  3. The nervous fox ran over to the cave as fast as the fox sat down onto the very,very snowy ground the fox waited and waited until the end of the snow came down then the suspicious fox went out to play when the sun came down then the sleepy fox went to sleep.

  4. The furry,orange fox darted in to a pitch,black cave to escape the freezing,cold wind. With his wide open eyes the fox could see beautiful,white snowflakes dancing in the wind. His fluffy,soft fur enveloped his skin. Soft, cotton wool clouds smothered the gleaming,dazzling sun. Suddenly he heard a faint sound. STOMP STOMP STOMP!Something approached him. What was it? What should he do? Swiftly he sprinted deeper into the cave. Now their was nowhere to go. he had reached the end. He froze…

  5. The Wolf’s teeth was as sharp as diamond, but his coat was fluffy as velvet.
    The winter was harsh this time, only thick layer of snow everywhere. He was lonely, he didn’t know where his friends were. He was hungry and desperate for a home.

    • The Rabbits fur was as soft as a beautiful, fluffy and cream white cloud.
      The snow was plane white as a fresh,clean blank sheet of paper.
      It was all quiet as a dark silent cave.

  6. The furry fox had his eyes gleaming as sparkly as a shining star in the night sky. The fox shivered while he gazed at the radiant fragile snowflakes. He darted through the bitter icy snow confidently avoiding the harsh whips of the piercing gust of wind. The ice chips stung his eyes but he kept on going until he had reached some place warm and cosy.

    Then he arrived at a inky black, lightless cave. As soon as he had reached the cave, he fell asleep, peacefully.

  7. The snowy weather was very strong and powerful like lightning and by the forest a baby fox sat it’s whiskers were as pointy as knives and it’s fure was like a sunset day. His eyes were as shiny as gems. The fox sat there in the pillow soft snow. The foxes ears pointed like pyramids and his fur glistened like a sunset on a winters day. The fox heard a noise, it was coming from near the trees, but because of the howling wind he couldn’t make out what it was. He then set himself for a lightning fast escape. Then out of the woods appeared his family and a grin of joy appeared on his face as they played in the snow.

  8. The unique snowflakes were falling delicately from the white cloudy skies,settling comfortably on the freezer like a floor where they could be rolled up tight,into a friendly snowman.Its freezing the thick winter fur keeps him warm in freezing temperature and a thick bushy tail that it wraps around itself like a blanket.

  9. The fox had neon orange fur and stiff, wiry whiskers.He had black paws and when he sees something he has a serious look on his face. His eyes were as dark as coal shining like stars through the icy white snow.
    Curiously, the fox approached the vague figure on the horizon, as he got closer, the piercing red eyes turned towards him and looked deep in his eyes like he was trying to get inside him then after the eyes turned away and the figure disappeared…

  10. As morning grew nature was going its own miraculous ways. Whilst the fox purrs,petite radiant shatterable snow flakes gently fell on it’s very furry face . As the fox’s face clutched there was a gargantuas mountain of pure crisp ivory white snow was pilling before him. The snow covered the rouge wolf like creature’s eyes. When the fox mumbled in sadness it’s heart and stomach had a dance of fear and anxiety. The snow enveloped the poor thing.

  11. Through the cold, misty world a fox sat and watched the snow and pointy, sharp snow flakes fall onto the snow covered ground. The land was covered in frosty, cold snow and snow flake swiftly landed on the ground.

  12. A fox’s fur is as soft as a teddy snow flakes are as sharp as a knife snow fell soft as pillow. The floor is covered in frosty, cold snow a fox sat still through the morning winter.

  13. The fox’s eyes were wide open like a crocodiles mouth, snow flakes was as shiny as a sparkling dress. Snow as cold as the fearsome, powerful wind the fox sat comfortably in snow covered ground while wagging his soft, fury tail. The fox watched the snow and snow flakes fall swiftly onto the soft ground and all the trees were covered in icy frosty snow

  14. One cold and shivering night a fox was wondering around the dark cold forest. He didn’t know where he was so he didn’t mind so he carried on walking until he heard strange noises so he tip toed threw the forest. The fox was really scared and frightened so he walked in a worried and this monster chased him so he ran and ran out of the scary forest but when he got out of the he had a break then he ran away from the horrible nasty beast but the beast could not run any more because he was out of breath so he went home and the fox was ok so he sat down and watched the snow fall on the ground.

  15. The long fluffy tail was blowing in the wind…… the fox’s rusty orange fur was keeping him warm in the ice cold snow. His ears were listening through the trees and his eyes squinting in the mist whilst he sat to rest on his journey home from a nights prowling ……. home to his burrow where he would wrap himself up and sleep…..

  16. The ruffled up ginger fur and white beard of the fox, blowing in the freezing cold sharp winter wind.
    The fox sitting on the white icy snow gazing through his squinty eyes, whiskers like thorns and twitching his graphite nose.
    Frozen still, the lonely fox sensing danger from the sound of breaking twigs. SNAP !!

  17. One chilly night the wind moved rapidly across the fox as the silky, fluffy ,orange fur moved side to side blandly.The slim ,black whiskers moved up and down lazily and the paws moved calmly.The snow was white and cold as ice. Then it found a cozy cave.

  18. The frail orange bushy tailed fox tried his hardest to get to the cave.
    The wind blew very hard and with every step he felt like he was sinking deeper into the thick white snow.
    He finally made it to the cave and curled his tiny body up to keep warm.
    He watched as the wind and snow slowly settled.

  19. The icy cold snowflake floated like a frosted feather in the cold winters sky! The fox stood like a frozen statue in the cold snow unable to move, his eyes almost closed from the biting wind.His fur was coated in cold frosty icicles, his nose was black as coal.

  20. The bushy orange fox, hopped onto his right paw, as the wind as strong as a horse tried to push him over.

    He stood out like a raging fire in the desert, as the frozen drops of water danced on his face.

  21. The furry white and orange fox crept into the pitch, black area where no one was to be seen. The orange fox had shimmering snow covering his fur and it shined through the darkness. His whiskers were sharper than a knife. Straight after he heard a fractured noise and he went to investigate this suspicious event.

  22. The Fox has orange brown fur, it was snowing,he has 4 paws,whiskers and a black nose.
    The Fox is sly and uses his 4 paws to run away as fast as possible.
    The Fox uses his fur to keep his body warm in the winter.
    The Fox uses his black nose to smell.
    The Fox heard a noise he was scared so he ran away it was a bad place to stay.

  23. The scared cold fox sits and sniffs around for food with his black wet nose. His whiskers twitch as he sniffs the fresh air. His slanted eyes searching for small animals to gobble and chew.

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