Year 3 Writing Challenge

Story starter!

It was the moment they had been dreading for decades: the volcano had finally erupted. The earth shook, as torrents of golden death cascaded over the helpless landscape. Clouds of ash swarmed over the countryside, enveloping everything in their path. Chaos reigned as the beast that had been sleeping for years, now awoken, smote his fury upon the world.

In the distance a flash of silvery lightning licked across the sky: a snake’s forked tongue lashing out in fury to strike its prey. The world was on fire. It was natures turn to take its revenge.

Can you write your own description/short story about the volcanic eruption?

Can you use interesting verbs in your writing today? How about some of these:

shot dashed exploded erupted crept bubbled frothed oozed smashed smothered


  1. It was a moment that I saw a volcano. It was about to explode because it was crumbling loudly. It was exhausting like a pain. The earth shook. The blue dream of a sea turned into a bar of dark chocolate. The monster hasn’t woke up for centuries. The volcano smashed. Unfortunately, the monster woke up with a dinosaur’s roar.

  2. The dreadful ogre rumbled as it spread across the terrified land. He had awoken and nothing, no nothing could put him back to sleep. He smashed and bubbled as he rose from his bed. It was a petrifying sight. The ogre destroyed everything in his path. Earths sky was dark and gloomy it loomed over the destroyed land . The land was gone. Completely gone.

  3. suddenly the earth shook the smoke released poisonous gas the rooftops were covered in ashes, then we realized that the volcano had erupted
    later the next morning the whole ground was covered with volcanic lave, the sky was still looking gloomy and the ground was completely destroyed.

  4. The earth around the volcano began to shake and rumble, something was beginning to awaken after being asleep for so long. Its’ sound was harsh, thunderous and reverberated across the land.
    Hot lava and volcanic ash were escaping from the magna chamber below the surface, erupting onto earths landscape. The lava oozed out of the volcano and smothered everything around it.
    Nothing was safe, everything in the lava’s path was destroyed by the sheer force and heat erupting from the volcano, how would the earth ever recover from such catrosphic damage.

    • Wow, Nathan you’ve really considered every single word and it’s impact on the reader. As I read this, I feel transported to this devastating event. really impressive writing.

  5. Pele, is the Hawaiian Goddess of volcanoes. Pele had frequent moments of anger, which brought about eruptions. She was both honored and feared. She could cause earthquakes by stamping her feet or volcanic eruptions and fiery lava by digging with her Pa’oa, her magic stick. Long strands of volcanic glass, have been called Pele’s hair.

  6. The amber monster dashed down the burning rocks as speedy as a bullet. A blanket of steaming smoke enveloped the surrounding. The sweat melody of the breeze was replaced with a monstrous roar of fire which blazed. Th sky which had once been a beautiful sapphire blue had now turned into a dull depressing black.

  7. My imagination has gone wild looking at this amazing photo of an angered volcano, capturing the beauty of the surrounding through that golden flame right at the highest top. With that rouse an image of the King of the wolves coming out from that thick dark smoke over powering the massive cotten- like smoke on the left, for me seem to be his Queen whose love is greater than a lightning lying underneath them connecting two people together and telling everyone… this place is ours to keep!!!

  8. They had been dreading for so long that a volcano might erupt,then finally, a volcano erupted and magma burst out of it, it was like a balloon burst and larva shot out of it like a fiery sword. It was running down all sides as fast as a hungry cheetah, everyone ran for their lives!

  9. Benjamin
    One day the volcano was getting angry and mad because the earth was shaking. The volcano
    was so angry that the lava erupted and flew everywhere. There was a violent bang. A cloud of ash shot up from the dangerous towering volcano. It felt as if the boiling lava touched the sky and the shining stars faded one by one The beautiful trees were burnt to the ground.The pretty orange sky was turned black as a burnt cake. It was very scary.

  10. It was huge and big and very scary. In the jungles, the trees danced from the earthquakes of the volcano. Hot lava flooded the mountain and turned into ashes. It had very big smoke and covered the sky. A great long stick that was white stuck out of it.

  11. The Earth made the volcano rage and it started to erupt. “AAaah the volcano is erupting”. Lightening struck like a meteor coming down from the sky. The wind picked it’s heavy pace up like a shooting star and turned into a tornado. Lakes and rivers were like a herd of savage lions. The lava dripped down and covered the landscape.

  12. One day , the Earth began to wobble and suddenly it sounded like The Earth had a tummy ache. The Stone Age people were stranded on the shaking, rocky ground. Were they stuck here forever ? The look on their faces made them look like a statues. They dropped their spears to show how shocked and how wonderous they were ! What were they to do?

  13. Between the cliffs, two Stone age tribes faced one another. The wind howled and the thunder rumbled. The leader of one tribe held his spear high above his head and stepped slowly towards the leader of the other tribe. Without delay, the other leader, much taller and much older, pointed his flint axe towards the erupting volcano. What happened next ? Is a mystery !

  14. In the distance I saw something orange I walked towards it I realised it was lava from a volcano. The volcano was huge and it looked harder a pile of rocks. It was such a bright orange that it nearly blinded me. The lava was so hot that it had black speckles in

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