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 Here are some clues to our exciting topic this term

Welcome Back, Year 3!                

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful and joyful  Easter and are excited as I am to begin our Summer Term.  At the heart of our journey in faith this term will be Energy ‘What’s the use of energy?’ Choices ‘What helps me to choose well?’ and Special Places ‘What makes a place special?’

 For our Other Faith work, we will be studying Islam.

Our first topic is a fantastic way to begin our creative journey together as we discover all about Egypt; locate it on a map and examine a time when Ancient Egypt was so powerful in the world; compare the Ancient Egyptian civilisation with the society, climate and terrain of Britain at the time; study their rituals and beliefs and discover just how creative they were!


Come and See

Topics this term:



Special Place


Year 3’s cross-curricular topic is Egypt so we will be incorporating many themes into this imagination grabbing work.

We will be examining and analysing many different types of texts in English and using good models of writing to inspire us to create our own, including instructions and    explanations, poetry, myths and legends, letter writing and of course story writing.

In Maths we will be working on reinforcing place value, measurement, time, data, problem solving, fractions, calculations and shape. We will study and translate hieroglyphs and create our own codes.

Through our work on Dig Deep and Discover, we will study the Pharaohs, pyramids and the Ancient Egyptian’s belief in the afterlife and their rituals, in particular, mummification. Our scientific investigations will cover decay and preservation. We will then learn about Light and after half-term, ElectricityArt and Design and Technology will give us the opportunity to study Egyptian art and design, make and evaluate a shaduf. Through Geography we will learn about modern Egypt and compare its climate and terrain with ours. We’re also studying the  River Nile and are planning a field visit to Fairham Brook.

P.E. will be Games skills and Athletics. French sessions will continue to enable the children to use some basic French phrases. At some point, we’d like to hold an Egyptian day, where the children can dress as an Egyptian and spend the day enjoying related activities. Date yet to be confirmed!

Music: Children will perform songs, chants and rhymes expressively and gain confidence in their use of voices and language. We will be exploring rhythmic patterns. There will be also opportunities to use classroom instruments.  In Computing we will use programming skills to create work related to our topic. There will be many opportunities for the children to use the class computers and iPads to enhance and enrich our work in class.


How you can help

Reading, spellings and Maths homework will be given every week. Encourage your child to read regularly and explain what they understand from the text. Please ensure that your child learns their multiplication facts and number bonds daily. There could also be follow-up research homework in other areas if appropriate. Please check the weekly homework sheet that goes out on a Thursday and encourage your child to complete the tasks set.

Please make sure your child has their swimming kit and P.E. kit (black shorts, white T-shirt and trainers or              plimsolls) in school on Mondays and PE kit should stay in school all week.

Your child also needs a painting apron/old shirt in school to protect their uniform during art lessons. This should also remain on their in their bag all week. Please bring in a Science ‘Lab coat’ if you haven’t already. All you need is an old shirt, some children have customised their coats and they look great!

Please check the Year 3 Web page for updates and recommended websites. Support your child in blogging and posting comments, please ensure they only use their first name and their own school email address. If you have any spare time and feel you could offer some specialist skills to enhance our learning this term, maybe you have some woodwork skills, are an expert baker or would be able to chat to the children about your job. I’d love to hear from you! Yet another brilliant term to look forward to!

If you have any spare time and feel you could offer some specialist skills to enhance our learning this term, maybe you have some woodwork skills, are an expert baker or would be able to chat to the children about your job. I’d love to hear from you!

Another exciting term to look forward to! If you have any queries please feel free to ask. Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Byrne

Dates for your diary:

19th April: Day of the
Eucharist Liturgy @ 10am

10th May School First Holy Communion Mass

18th May: Royal Wedding

23rd May, 1.30pm: KS2 Sports Day

24th May 3:30-5:15: KS2 Film Night

28th May—31st June     Half-Term

4th June: Class Photos

7th June: Year 3 Class

21st June: Open Afternoon

22nd June: Africa Day

29th June: St. Peter and Paul Mass in church

10th and 11th July, 7pm: Summer Musical Performances

16th July: Inset Day

23rd July, 2pm: End of Year Mass

24th July: Last Day of Term

MATHS Homework Mathletics

All children will have individual maths homework allocated to them on this website. They’ve been given their password & it should be stuck in their HW diary.   Please let me know if access is a problem. You also have access to the free ebooks on this site – it also works on iPads too! Children will have the login and password stuck in their Homework diaries. It is really important that children read daily and demonstrate a good comprehension of the texts.



Details to follow

USEFUL WEBSITES (Copy and paste links)

HISTORY Early Britain

MATHS   Multiplication game or just google ‘Moonmaths’   Place value game InverseMachine Beat the computer in a place value game! Stop the clock game! Set the Clock. Time travelling Fling The Teacher! Weigh and measure the parcel Measure ingredients Weighing parcels

RE  Find out about Islam


ART (scroll down to see interactive games)

ENGLISH (and other games for grammar skills)



A lovely strange game that requires some ‘out of the box’ and creative thinking to move things along. Also tests areas of English, Maths and Science.




  1. Today I did some FANTASTIC work on maths addition, column and numbers. You need to pick two numbers. Put 3 brackets facing downwards and on your numbers put + your number that is facing down next to the bracket and there should be 2 single numbers on the big numbers that you are going to add together. Add the single numbers together and write your answer down before the bracket. Then move onto the next number down which will be a multiple of 10, you will need to add 2 multiples of 10 which will be different then add them together and write your answer down before the bracket. Now, move on to your next number, you will need to pick 2 numbers which is a multiple of 100,add them together and write down the answer before the bracket. Add all of your equal numbers and them all together then that will give you your final answer of =. There you go, this was what we did in our session of maths today 🙂

  2. I did the sports hall challenge with Stanley , Analeah , Matthew we ran as fast as we could . I do not know if we are in the final !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I really enjoyed doing the sports hall challenge yesterday, some of the obstacles were really hard especially the speed jump challenge, but we all tried our best and I hope we are in the finals!😀😀😀

  4. On Saturday, I had a football match with my team, we drew 1-1 and I got a trophy for man of the match. I enjoyed playing football with my friends because it is fun and it keeps me fit. I enjoy going swimming with school on Monday’s because I love taking part in all sports. I hope all of my class friends had a fun weekend.

  5. The spy mision was so exiting. I was with Mrs Smith in team 7 when we got into the mission I was siting in the drivrs seat and Kian was the co-pilot . I had to stear the stearing wheal and Kian had to turn all the swiches on. Every one in our team had a agent name. I was there befor on Matthew birthday

  6. I think year 3s could be the next 007s (James Bond) you were all excellent at solving the clues, good team work and a most enjoyable and rewarding adventure!

  7. I have some very exciting news for the class and the school. My horrible history story about the Egyptians is going to be in a book. I got a certificate and a letter. I’m so excited

    • Another talented writer! Congratulations Matthew. You must bring it in to share, I can’t wait to see it in print!

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