Year 3’s Class Mass Journeys

Written by Aiden

Year 3 celebrated a class Mass today in our classroom. It was about Journeys  Mr      Wheat and Tom played  beautiful music for us to sing along to.   Mrs Smith organised a beautiful altar footsteps display . We hope that the parents enjoyed it. Everyone had a line to say and did well . It was outstanding.



  1. It was a wonderful mass, we all came together to celebrate this lovely occasion. You should all be so proud and thank you for letting me share it with you x

  2. I agree, this was a lovely mass which you had planned and prepared so well. Thank you Year 3, it was a pleasure to be there and watch you shine.

    Mrs Maylard-Mason

  3. I thought I wasn’t able to read my lines I was nervous because I didn’t know when it was my go and I thought I had to say my lines without the sheet.

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