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WELCOME TO THE YEAR 4 BLOG! This year….I will!


As a school we are reveling in this being the year that WE WILL! Our focus in class (following heated discussions with the children!) will be discovering more about life in Britain between the Stone and Iron ages!   In support of this, we will be reading the stories of Stone Age Boy and The Iron Man in class and using them to inspire our writing. We will be journeying back in time as we visit the sites of Skara Brae and Stonehenge. In  Geography we will be using this focus to investigate the British Isles, their mountains and key geographical features with Mrs McGurk.

In RE the children will be working alongside Mrs McGurk. We will be  learning about our Community, Giving & Receiving and Self-Discipline. Judaism will be a focus of our studies in other faiths and we will have chance to experience the celebration of Passover as part of our Holy Week celebrations. Year 4 will also re-enact Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem.

Our scientific investigations will also be inspired by this period in history. We will learn more about the human skeleton and muscles. We will also be fossil hunting and have chance to investigates key different types of rock as we imagine more about life in this era.

In Mathematics we will be working hard to develop our strategies of      multiplication and division. We will be improving our knowledge and recall of our multiplications facts up to the 12 x table and we will be using Times Tables Rocks Stars on a weekly basis to hone these skills. We will also have chance to further  develop our problem solving skills during the school’s celebration of NSPCC   Number Day later in the term.

In Art, we will be continuing our journey back in time as we learn about the cave painters of the Stone Age and we compare them with more contemporary examples of street art. In Design and Technology we will be using cooking      methods of the Stone Age era to inspire us as we bake typical, unleavened bread from the period.  In Music we will learn to play as an orchestra as we take part in whole class sessions with The Becket School staff.

When we are in the Computer Lab, we will be learning about controllable vehicles and using Scratch to produce rock cycles.  We will be swimming    throughout the Spring term on Monday afternoons. We will also be developing our balance and coordination in gymnastics .

What you can do to support your child throughout Year 4?

I have had many parents come to me asking how best to support their       children with us here at BRW. As a result, here are a few key things which can prove invaluable in supporting your child.

1) Check homework newsletters which go out each Tuesday. This will have up-to-date information on the children’s activities too.

2) Regular use of Times Tables Rocks Stars and Mathletics will help the children master recall of their multiplication facts up to 12×12 by the end of Year 4.

3) Encourage your children to read at home and ask them questions about what they are reading.

4) Ensure children are wearing the correct uniform, have full PE kit and are on time for school.

All your support makes such an enormous difference!

Mrs Henderson


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