Year 5 travel into the World of Willy Wonka

On Wednesday it was Roald Dahl’s birthday so, of course, we had to celebrate this wonderful author on his special day.

Year 5 first had the challenge to retrieve a Golden Ticket.  In order to gain a ticket into their next lesson, they had to tell a Year 6 about Roald Dahl. If they impressed their Year 6, they received a Golden Ticket and were allowed back into class.

As you can see….they all made it back in!

After that, we delved into the world of Willy Wonka and visited his chocolate factory – we were all ravenous!

Year 5 wrote wonderfully imaginative setting descriptions about their entry into the Chocolate Factory. Their descriptions were so brilliant that Miss Cotter had to go and buy herself some chocolate mid-way through reading their books because she was so hungry!

Year 5 – what types of Alan Peat sentences did you use in your writing and why?

Tell me a sentence you are particularly proud of.

How did you challenge yourself in your writing to ensure your writing was sensational?


  1. I really enjoyed writing a description about the chocolate factory because I watched a video that gave me lots of inspiration. Thank You Miss Cotter!

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