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Welcome to the Year 5 page! The theme for this year is The YEAR to…Imagine, Invent, Inspire.  Throughout this year, we hope to stimulate your imagination, ambitions, hopes, and dreams!

A warm welcome back to all Year 5 children and parents!  I hope you had a wonderful Easter break. We had a fantastic Spring Term, full of adventures around Nottingham, original creations and superb assemblies,  which allowed all the children to shine. This term, we will continue to inspire creativity and vision by exploring the topic, ‘A whole New World: How Will You Make Your Mark?’


Our theme for this term is…..


How will you make a difference in your final term? How will you shine? How will you change the world around you? 

In RE we will focus on Transformation, a topic which will allow us to look at the power of faith and spirit. Consequently, we will move onto Freedom and Responsibility, during which we will explore free will and the power we have to do good in the world. After this, we will study the theme of Stewardship and our growing responsibility in the world. Throughout this term, we will be exploring our purpose in the world and how we can make a difference. Our other world faith will be Islam, where we will study their special celebrations and encourage respect for faiths around the world. This will cross over with our History and Geography topics, which will also explore the Islamic country of Saudi Arabia.

Throughout our topic this term we will be exploring Forces and Electricity, and Life Cycles in Science.  How do we light up our houses? How can we use forces to our advantage? What are the differences between the life cycle of a bird and mammal?

Through Geography and History, we will investigate how Saudi Arabia has developed and the changes during the Islamic Golden Age. Adventuring outside, we will explore the beauty of nature through more of our Forest School sessions. In DT, we will be exploring mechanisms and Middle Eastern cooking! Year 5 will have Sports Coaching on a Thursday afternoon and Dance sessions on Friday afternoons.  Our Artwork will be based upon beautiful Islamic artwork.

Watch this video to find out about the Islamic Golden Age…

The video below shows you how to begin an artistic creation inspired by Islam. What art could you create?

Year 5 – what can you teach me about our topic? Research your own information and present this in any way you like… Powerpoint presentation, poster, even a YouTube video. I can’t wait to see what you can create!

Let’s make our last term together the best one yet!

Miss Cotter

Lots of exciting things will be happening this term, so make sure you write down these key dates:

Key dates:

Friday 21st April—DARE Assembly 2:45

Wednesday 17th May—KS2 Sports Day 1.30pm

Thursday 18th May—KS2 Film Night

Friday 19th May—Eco Morning

Thursday 25th May  – Yrs 5/6 Visit of London

Tuesday 13th June—Science Visit to the Becket

Thursday 29th June  – Whole School Mass

Thursday 6th July / Friday 7th July—Musical performances

Thursday 13th July—Celebration Picnic

Friday 14th July– Year 5 Transition visit to the Becket / Reports out.

Thursday 20th July—Whole School Mass

Tuesday 25th July—Last Day of Term




Useful links!

Homework and All Subjects The old BBC Bitesize Website for English, Maths, and Science Revision


Sumdog A great selection of Maths games to revise and strengthen number facts

Try this website for some fun Maths games!

Try this website for some of the Mental Maths games you are challenged to complete in class! 

English The New BBC Bitesize Website for English (Writing) This is the old website, but still, has some useful resources for English (Grammar)

English games to get your brain buzzing! Miss Cotter would especially recommend ‘The Quest of Commas castle’ game- very spooky!

SPaG Games!


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  1. But the summer term is the last term! I’ll really miss Miss Cotter! But this is the last term, we have to make the best out of it with Miss Cotter! WE CAN DO THIS!

    • She is the best teacher ever. She helps children if they struggle,encourages pupils to become more interactive with the world, is an inspiration to us all, can feel from the pupils’ point-of-view, sorts out any troubles, gives us prizes: I could go on forever…

      • I really do agree with you Methmi! Miss Cotter will always be PHENOMENAL! She will always be in the memory of our minds of our class!

  2. Miss Cotter, the quote you put above:”This is my year” means a lot to me. This year, in Year 5, I feel like I have accomplished more achievements than ever before. I feel like you have inspired me to make this year the best I can before going into Year 6, where I will have to work very hard.

    • So, thank you for all you have done for me, whether I liked it or not, because you did it to make good. Thank you for being a good friend and teacher.

  3. I am having so much fun in year 5 , I am really enjoying our science lesson : we are testing egg shells in different liquids which are coke, black current ,bitter lemon, water ,orange juice and tea. The grossest one is tea because it is mouldy a spotty .Miss Cotter is the best teacher ever!

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