Year 5’s Poetry Performances!

As our homework, we were set the challenge of choosing an inspiring, funny or creative poem to learn off by heart! We needed to do this in order to perform the poem to our class.

We were also set the extra challenge of writing our own poem if we wanted to.

Today, we performed our poetry and it was sensational!  Some us chose poems from famous authors like Spike Mulligan, whilst some of us chose to produce our own poetry. We had a wide variety of poems including poems about our Mums, our world around us and even our X-boxes!

What would you write a poem about?

If you had to choose your favourite poem, what would it be and why?


  1. We all worked really hard to learn are poems and they were all great. I hope you enjoyed watching the video of us performing our poems that we learned.

  2. Wow those performances were amazing year five. In year six we had a task like that too. Head over to the year six blog to see our poetry videos.

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