Year 6 Mathletics Heroes!

Here’s our weekly Mathletics Hero Award! This prestigious award goes to most dedicated Mathletics mathematician(s) in Year 6: the pupils who have perhaps attempted the most activities; scored highly; or earned their bronze, silver…maybe even gold certificates!

Not only do the winners get their names in SHINING LIGHTS on the blog, but they will also win not 5…not 10…but 20 house-points for their house team!

The following pupil has exercised their brain to get a head start in maths:

Congratulations to Bidhin again, who’s participation online is the highest this week!

Incredible Mathlete, and 20 housepoints to your house! You are MATH-MAGICAL! Your determination to stay on top is admirable!

Want to see your name up here this term? Go to Mathletics and get solving problems!

Miss Lee

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  1. year 6 i hope you can catch up with year 2 we’ve got the highest score ever ive got 1365 points this year i got 3 mathletics certificates already how many did you get this term ? how many points do you have in this term? layla in year 2 128 she has got less then me but its still a good score how many house points did you get bidhin for the highest score on mathletics already
    you’ve got proboly might have 12489.

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