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This year, we will continue to…


And if you’re ever doubting yourself, or faced with a huge challenge, here’s some motivation…nothing can stop you!

Also, remember to always pay it forward…you reap what you sow!

Our Summer term will continue to embrace our annual theme within the following topic:

We will explore 70s rock, coastal rock and, of course, ‘The School of Rock!’ Brace yourselves for an exciting final Summer term!

Explore the media below to learn more and keep ahead of the game:


Jurassic Coast


Andy Warhol



Year 6 Summer Holiday HWK 2018
Christmas Holiday Homework
Lee’s Takeaway Homework

Easter Holidays Homework School of Rock

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@BRWSchool We have our Leavers' Hoodies! Making the next seven weeks count! #rolemodels #noregrets #belonging

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Year 6 Blog Page


  1. If I had a magic carpet
    I would tou8ch the marbled walls
    and look at the good view.

    If I had a magic carpet
    I would taste the exotic spices
    from around the world

    If I had a magic carpet
    I would feel the chill
    after leaving a hot atmosphere.

    If I had a magic carpet
    I would breath big and rough
    the smell of peppered curry.

    If I had a magic carpet
    I would gaze at the burning blue sky
    Which shines in the night

    If I had a magic carpet
    I would dream to roam the sky
    And glance at the wonderful view.

  2. Truly this year we are going to rock it. I hope we are going to have so much fun that the time will surely whizz past us into this year of unkown subjects and questions!

  3. I am really curious and interested in what more we a going to learn about the ancient Greeks. As far as i know there or many famous/popular physicians, mathematicians, authors and many rulers. From my current knowledge I know that lots of Greeks have made mind blowing discoveries for example Eratosthenes ( he found a dependable method of identifying prime numbers).

  4. I’m really happy that were learning about the Greeks because I love all the facts and myths about the Greek Gods. I am truly fascinated by them there’s so much to learn about them I didn’t know that they even had a God of the sea Poseidon.

    I’ve learned so much already since the New Year. The display on my class room wall has an amazing mini Coliseum and all are great work like our Athens write up about the city and all the old ruins of there temples.

  5. Last year has been a blast with learning ancient Greeks and things we haven’t discovered in life before. I can’t wait to see what’s going to be happening in our topic next, with fun challenges along the way to keep us going! What will we discover next? What have the ancient Greeks discovered so far? What is comming this way with our topic…

  6. This year in year 6 has got my brain hurting me with all the learning we have done but that’s a good thing, I have made a lot of progress with my writing and solving problems. Ancient Greeks make me want to discover more about the gods and the secrets behind them. What secrets lurk beyond that haven’t been discovered yet?

  7. I can’t wait to learn about the Ancient Greeks! I want to learn all about them including all their wars, Gods and even some of the gruesome bits. I am sure that this year is going to take me on a Greek journey to vast and wonderful myths. I really hope can learn about the Ancient Greeks more.

  8. I love learning about the ancient Greeks and learning so much facts about them. Ancient Greek is going to tell me so much wonderful myths and legends and I would love to learn more.

  9. Ancient Greek is the funniest activity because you get to learn a lot more than other people and you can tell people facts about there myths and legends and you can learn about what was different and what was the same.

  10. Ancient Greek is the funniest activity because you get to learn a lot more than other people and you can tell people facts about there myths and legends and you can learn about what was different and what was the same. I loved hearing about the different Gods as well.

  11. This year has been a great experience I espescially enjoyed when the year 6 did the times tables rockstars agains Mrs Maylard-Mason.

  12. I really want to learn all about the Ancient Greek Gods. I really want to learn about them because they are in really interesting myths which make me want to learn more about them. Also I would like to learn about ancient monsters and Greek heroes. I can’t wait for this term!

  13. I am so excited of what this year could possibly bring. I have a good feeling that this final year in Blessed Robert Widmerpool Academy is going to be the best years yet to come.

  14. This year,I am going to do my best at everything I have to do in year 6 and I hope I will succeed in my SATS. I am really enjoying year six and I’m looking forward to secondary school.

  15. I love year 6! Miss Lee has given us all the chance it dig deeper into ourselves, discover our talents, Make ur legacys and master our learning! I will miss BRW but our time to leave isn’t now, so we must live in the moment and worry about our future when it get here!

  16. I have watched the video where John Green talked about how World War I happened. I have found his video very informative, however have supported my research with two other children books about the First World War.
    The great war started 104 years ago. The event that started World War I was the killing of Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie on 28th June 1914. The killing sent a shock wave around Europe. It was no less than an act of terrorism against Austria-Hungary. Serbia was blamed for the killings. On 28th July 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Russia came to Serbia’s aid and put its army on standby. Germany reacted by promising to help Austria-Hungary and told Russia to stop its armies. Russia said no. So on 1st August 1914, Germany declared was on Russia. Germany also planned to attack France because France was Russia’s ally, so on 3rd August 1914, France went to war with Germany. Germany planned to attack France by marching through Belgium. Britain promised to help Belgium, so from 4th August, British troops joined the war. Over the next few days, more declarations of war were made, so the alliance system had drawn most of Europe into war. That’s how an act of terrorism in a Bosnian city turned into the major European war of 20th century.

  17. About me
    My favourite subject in school is maths because it is challenging and fun. I love sports inside and outside the school. I am a competitive swimmer. I swim four times a week. I also do gymnastics. In my spare time, I like to read, dance and play outside.
    My dream is to be an Olympic swimmer and to be a KS2 teacher. My goals are to be kind, loving and smart person. I want to have many friends, and lots of fun. I also want to make a positive impact in the world.
    This year is my final year at BRW, so I would like to do my own bit in school, because I want to leave my legacy. I like my school because I have many friends there and my teachers are very kind to me. Therefore, I always try my best to study hard. My goal for the year is to continue to work hard. My school is outstanding and is known for its great results. Our mission statement is “We walk kindly in the footsteps of Jesus Christ s we live and learn“. My school is a happy place where I can reach my potentials.
    Recently, I have applied for two jobs at school: Sports Ambassador and Well-Being Warrior. It was a great thing to do. I had to prepare and give a speech on why I should be selected. It was quite stressful but a great experience. I got the Well-Being Warrior job, so I am very excited. I can’t wait to get started working on this, because I want all children at BRW to be healthy and happy. I hope that I will be an incredible Well-Being Warrior. I will do my very best!

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