A Visit to a Temple

20/11/2018 Mrs Cook 0

Today BRW has been a hive of excitement as the whole school went to visit a Hindu temple! Year 1 eagarly awaited their afternoon visit […]

Visit to the Mandir.

20/11/2018 Ms Chapman 0

What a lovely morning, finding out how Hindus worship and noticing what is the same or different about going to our Catholic church. The children […]

Vocation and Commitment

19/11/2018 Sana 6

As our second Come and See topic, Year 6 have been learning about vocation and commitment. A vocation is our calling from God. If your […]

Invasion Games!

16/11/2018 H Andrew 5

Year 5 continued to develop their skills in preparation for invasion games. We learned how to control our dribbling and the perfect position for shooting. […]