The Dragon!

13/11/2019 Mrs Henderson 17

Year 4 – How would you continue this story? Can you include subordinators to add extra detail and make your sentences more engaging for the […]

Jesus’ Baptism Part 1

11/11/2019 Miss Lee 30

Good evening Year 6! Here’s your Tuesday 12th homework, due on Wednesday 13th! Watch the following videos. They are about Jesus’ baptism. As you watch, […]

Road to Damascus

11/11/2019 H Andrew 2

Year 5 have been learning about ‘Life Choices’ in their Come and See topic and how their life choices ultimately link to their mission in […]

My Talent!

08/11/2019 Luna 19

My Talent is gymnastics, I started when I was 7 years old. I have been able to commit to this sport weekly where I’ve been […]

The Magic Box

07/11/2019 Miss Cotter 1

This week, a magic box appeared in Year 2. We didn’t know who had placed it there but we wanted to look inside! We carefully […]