Investigating Rocks

15/10/2020 Mrs Byrne 0

This week, Year 3 conducted two investigations into rocks. The first was testing how hard different types of rocks were, using a ‘scratch test’ and […]

Magical Maths in Y3

15/10/2020 Mrs Byrne 0

We had a special visitor to Y3 this week, Professor Poopenshtinken! He was here to tell us all about the Magical Maths Club …. We’ll […]

Henry VIII

13/10/2020 Evie-Grace 0

Anne Boleyn: Anne Boleyn was 35 years old when she was beheaded! She was married to Henry for 3 years. After she gave birth henry […]

Year 4 Authors!

13/10/2020 Mrs Henderson 8

Yes, you heard it right! This week Year 4 became authors themselves as they crafted their own mini books! They wrote short stories, inspired by […]