The Kalahari Desert

31/01/2022 Mrs Cross 29

In Geography, we have been learning about very hot places and very cold places! We have been learning about the Kalahari Desert because it is […]

BRW Bishop letter 2022

27/01/2022 Evan 0

This past week BRW has been sent a letter from Bishop Patrick. The Year 6 House captains have been working very hard to create a […]

A Lovely Letter

27/01/2022 Elyon 0

Hello everyone! On Thursday, we read out a letter from Bishop Patrick all about… children! Read on to find out our responses! Firstly, we discussed […]

Year 5 Homework

27/01/2022 Mrs Hart 33

Story starter Placing the final lantern against the twisted, ancient oak, he turned and appreciated his work. The night that was relished and cherished by […]