A Little Message from Miss Taylor

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining and the BRW garden is in full bloom thanks to Miss Taylor and the children of BRW.  We caught up with her last week whilst she was in school to take care of our garden.  She was extremely busy planting, watering pots and painting bird boxes.  She asked if we could share a message with you to bring a ray of sunshine to you and your families.  Stay safe everyone.

Mrs Maylard-Mason






  1. The weather was lovely. Also Adele and Natalia was helping look after our little garden, watering flowers and yesterday they were planting peas.
    We can not wait once they grow so girls can eat them.
    Stay safe everybody. The girls missing you all. Thank you

    • Great to hear from you Tolu! I’m pleased you can comment now. Don’t forget to check the Year 4 pages too – let me know how you are getting on with your home schooling.

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