A Lovely Letter

Hello everyone! On Thursday, we read out a letter from Bishop Patrick all about… children! Read on to find out our responses!

Firstly, we discussed the question ” Who feels excluded from the church?” A great answer to this question was from one of my peers, who said that people who have lost their way feel separated from the church. This is because they might think that God won’t forgive their sins, which is not true.

Secondly, we talked about our dreams for the church. Somebody mentioned an open evening for everyone who usually can’t come to church, like the elderly and disabled people. This would help them feel closer to God and their faith.

Then, we answered the question ” What does the Holy Spirit inspire us to do?” After we talked amongst ourselves, someone said that the most important thing it inspires us to do is to be kind like Jesus.

Finally, we passed it over to the Liturgy Leaders, who talked about SYNOD, and how you can find a SYNOD prayer card in your letterbox.

I hope that you now feel closer to Jesus, and remember that you can always tell an adult or older peer about your dreams for the church.

Written by Elyon.

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