A Visit To The RSPCA

A few weeks ago some people from year 5 and 6 went on a visit to the RSPCA. During our time there we looked at homeless and mistreated animal and learned more about there past, we also learnt fun facts about the dogs themselves and the way they like to be treated. Not just that we also looked at cats too! When we looked at the cats we were taken to a little indoor hut. While looking we noticed that the cats/kittens had a nice little bed with toys and food around it, this shows that they are well looked after and cared for. During our time with the cats/kittens we noticed how this one cat had a poorly paw so a vet came in and healed it better so the cat didn’t have to walk on it while there in pain. This visit really helped us learn more about what the RSPCA  really do for all of these animals. So would you fancy a visit to the RSPCA? Why not even adopt an animal? If so why not go to the RSPCA and get your animal now!










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