Africa Day!

BRW Africa day was full of fun, joy and excitement. Africa day was held on Friday 22nd June in BRW, we did African singing with Miss Courtney,  African games with Miss Lee, African dancing with Miss Singleton and Miss Cotter we also did a quiz with Miss Ferrara.

A teacher led the activities with eight people from each house. The people were chosen at random by Miss Lee who wrote the activities on post it notes and placed them in a hat for the children from each house to choose from.

Lots of fun was had by everyone on the day, people really got to experience a bit of African culture which was good as we have a teacher going to Bunkpurugu ( Miss Ferrara) which is in Africa.

As well as having fun, it helped us to realise that the people in Bunkpurugu still need our help and it is important that we continue to support them through fundraising and days like this.


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