African Adventures: Back at BRW…all the way from Bunkpurugu!

Well…where do I begin?  It is wonderful to be back at Blessed Robert after my African adventure and even though I loved every moment and have many stories to tell, there’s nothing like being back at the BRW headquarters; there’s nothing quite like being back at home.

I would like to thank you, the entire BRW community, for your support over the past months leading up to the Ghana visit, during the visit and all your warm, welcoming smiles!  I have spent a surreal, strange, yet wonderful and moving week being welcomed into the community of Bunkpurugu, the Diocese of Navrongo-Bolgatanga and the many Missionaries of Africa buildings we visited.

The overwhelming emotion was that of thanksgiving, the community are so grateful for the support we have been able to offer the young people of Bunkpurugu.

We were able to spend some time with the children of Our Lady of Hope Primary School and met many bright, ambitious and inspiring young people. They too send their thanks for the hard work and commitment our schools show to the project. They truly reminded me of the children at BRW – polite, well-mannered, hard-working yet with an undeniable spirit.

The children were thrilled to receive the gifts from all at BRW – pencils, exercise books, prayers of hope and a decorated cross. It was no surprise that the biggest cheers came with the football and BRW’s previous football kit! The children of Bunkpurugu were also kind enough to write a message of gratitude, hope and friendship on a smaller cross which will be displayed in school.

The building is looking impressive. Following a meeting with Sister Bernadine (The Director of Catholic Education in Northern Ghana) she states that out of 300 schools, Our Lady of Hope Primary School is on the path from becoming one of the worst schools to the best school in the district. The new school will even have its own Computer Room!   How amazing is that?!

I have more FABULOUS news…moving forward, the team in Ghana are hopeful that over the summer, the structure will have a secure roof, working toilets, and that one class (Year 7) will be working in classroom one by September.

Next Steps

I took many photos and videos, some of which I have shared with you already. I will also visit the other schools in our Trust to update their children on the fantastic progress.

As you know, in Ghana I met Philip, a young boy in Year 6. He was a shy boy but it was clear he had a quiet confidence about him and unfaltering yet humble determination. Yesterday, we watched a video of Philip reading our school prayer. He read quietly but clearly. He told us what the project meant to him and that he wanted to be a doctor when he was older. Meeting Philip was one of those special moments, not just for me, but I hope for BRW also. Philip encompasses many values that this aspirational project represents: determination, respect, humility, community, inspiration and hope.  I am sure his message alone will motivate us to continue to fundraise as much as we can to ensure that the dream of a new school becomes a reality.

I’m sure you’ll see many more photos and videos throughout the year in liturgies, Masses and school events. The children of BRW certainly put me to work from collecting photos of local animals, doing something challenging, to trying local foods. They also tasked me with the challenge of bringing the spirit of BRW to Bunkpurugu, and bringing the spirit of Bunkpurugu back to BRW. I hope you agree that the photographs and videos you have seen show this in some small way.

THANK YOU again for your support. Knowing that you were following the journey last week was lovely and heart-warming to hear. The Building Hope in Bunkpurugu Project has the potential to change the lives of thousands of young people, not only in Bunkpurugu but at BRW also.

TEAM BRW – let’s keep the fundraising efforts going and going!  Your determination so far has been INCREDIBLE!

Let’s do this!  Ghana’ build a school in Ghana!

Miss Ferrara

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  1. Seeing the children in bunkpurugu look so happy made me feel really good in the inside and seeing them so grateful made me realise how lucky I am.

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