All about Communion!

When I did my first Confession I felt like the priest was going to tell me off but when I actually did my Confession I fled with relief. When I was first told I was going to do my first Holy Communion it was the next stage . I had to learn a lot for it and I had to finish a whole book for a competition to win a book raffle but I lost. At first I felt heart broken although the next day I felt better.

I am feeling better now about my Holy Communion because I did a rehearsal and I had to say a whole paragraph of Indian for a welcoming. When I said it I felt so nervous that after I was breathing very heavily. There were a lot of people there and there were other people that spoke differently, I know that one of them was Lithuanian and I made friends with one of the Lithuanian children.

I am exited today to see if the Body and Blood of Jesus tastes different to the bread and wine.


From Daniel Year 3

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