With fractions, you have to look at your numerator (top number) and your denominator (bottom numbers). 

In a fraction, the line is called a ‘Vinculum’ (in Latin its ‘Vincula’). This represents division. The top number in a fraction (the numerator) is ‘divided’ by the bottom number (the denominator). 

16/32 can be looked as 1/2 because 16 times 2 = 32 and 32 divided by 2 =16. 1 half of 32 is 16. These are equivalent fractions. They are worth the same amount.

In a simpler form, it is easier to look at it in terms of pizza: the numerator is how many slices of pizza you have eaten over how many slices there were in total e.g. if that pizza is sliced into 8 and if you eat 5. You have 5/8 that you have eaten and 3/8 that you have left. 5+3=8. You started off with 8/8. This is ‘the whole’!

More fraction facts will be on the way from Year 6!

In the meantime, what do you know about fractions? Mixed numbers, improper fractions…fractions of amounts?!

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