All About Me!

Hi I’m Lois and I’m here to tell you a lot more about me.

So first I am going to tell you my likes:

I like Swimming, Ice Skating, Spending time with my friends and family, watching avengers films, Roller-skating, crazy golf, going on holiday, Playing board games especially Cluedo, David Walliams, Relaxing and MATHS.


Now I’m going to tell you my dislikes:

My worst dislike is when someone scratches 3D pictures. I don’t like, spicy foods, getting up really early, Spiders, Snakes, Long walks, Food Shopping, set bedtimes, seaweed, orange juice and chores

An interesting Fact about me is:

I can swim over 250 meters and so far this year I have read several books from David Walliams (my favourite author) such as: Mr Stink, Gangster Granny, Demon Dentist, Billionaire boy, Worlds Worst Children ONE and TWO, Grandpa’s Great Escape, Awful Auntie and now I am currently reading Rat burger and I still need to read Midnight Gang, Boy in the Dress and Bad Dad( his newest release). One last thing some of you already know this but  I have two pet cats (BOYS) Toby and Tiger whom I adore.

Thank you for reading! 🙂


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