All About Me!

My name is Jeevan. I have a small family my dad,my mum and my sister.

I like to go to school everyday. I read my book every single day so that I can get better vocabulary. I like to be involved in the Liturgy team. I always make people smile 🙂

This year I want improve my vocabulary by using a thesaurus and I will improve my handwriting. I will accomplish this by practising every single day… and I will improve my spellings using a dictionary.

This year will be MY YEAR TO SHINE!



  1. Jeevan did so well making his own blog. Jeevan has done so well to get in the liturgy Team! He really likes reading and is so funny. He loves helping and make people smile when someone is sad!

  2. When we did our homework all about me I really liked it because we could read each other and get to know each other more than we did back then.

  3. wow Jeevan i did not know all of these things about you and i like how positive you are keep it up Jeevan!

  4. I am a very good swimmer I last year I finish my lifeguarding test I passed and now I want to do synchronise swimming i’m very good at making new friends

  5. Nice to no more about you Jeevan and also don’t forget to learn more in the thesaurus and your handwriting

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