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Hello, my name is Isla. This year I have been appointed the role of School Captain. I am creating this blog post to update you on my hobbies, interests and upcoming, exciting events. Enjoy!

As now becoming a year 6, my hobbies have changed. But one that will always have a place in my heart is dancing. My passionate soul loves dancing, it gives me confidence but also joy. Recently, my dance school took part in a show. It gave us all an opportunity to perform our amazing skills to our family and friends.

Additionally, I like crafts and creating models. Sometimes I find myself creating or planning projects, it gives me brain an exercise and also my fingers. Lately, I have joined the Girl Guides, it has opened a new chapter of my life and I cant wait to see what activities I will embark upon in the future.

Just like in my previous paragraph, my interests are definitely dancing and crafts. For the past few years I have been watching the TV show, Strictly Come Dancing. I love to see how their love for dancing grows through the weeks. This show inspires me to keep putting effort into everything and never give up at the last hurdle.

Exciting Events:
Since I have taken part in a dance show previously, I can’t wait to see what new routines I will perform. It is my dream to become a Dance Performer or Professional Musician. I anticipate that my future will be filled with incredible opportunities.

Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you like it. Have a nice day!


  1. Wow! That taught me so much about you and it’s amazing to see all the hobbies you enjoy ! I just have one question : Which hobbies have changed since Year 6 and why?

  2. Wow!I didn’t know that you were a Girl Guide! In my opinion, you will definitely become a musician or dancer

  3. Isla, I am fascinated by your idea of doing an ‘all about me’ blog. My question to you is: Why is dancing such a great endeavor?

  4. Thank you! It has helped me to know much more about you. I wonder what you will be doing in your next dance show?

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