All About Tudors!

This week’s Year 6 Blogger – Libby!

Henry VIII was and is a well known monarch in the time of the Tudors, he is well known for his 6 wives and how he dealt with them.

He was a blood thirsty man who would behead people who disagreed, he had many advisors who helped him with his problem like whether he should divorce Catherine of Arrogan.

Continuing, his first wife was Catherine she was quite a bit older than him because she originally married his older brother but he passed away, this left her widowed and he decided that it was a good decision. Henry married her and they had many children but they all were girls or died at a young age, the reason Henry wanted a boy was so that when he died he could continue the Tudor legacy.

Henry, met another woman while married to Catherine, her name was Anne bolyne she was young and beautiful unlike Catherine they had been married for 24 years now and she was getting old and weary she also had all those baby’s with him. Anne was young and they had met in court, Henry immediately Fell in love and he wanted to marry her but the pope said it was against the rules and Henry was furious. Eventually, he broke away from the church and mad the church of England which was passed down through the monarchs.

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