All You Need Is Love

To all members of Year 6, our first Come and See topic of the term is ‘Loving’. We will begin by exploring ‘unconditional love’.

Here’s your HWK task linked to the above:


Find and gather a range of lyrics, pictures, illustrations, photos and quotes that demonstrate ‘unconditional love’. What you bring in will produce a piece of art for our RE books – lots of you found beautiful items for your summer holiday HWK – this is the kind of thing we need!

Alongside these example, answer the following questions:

Q What does unconditional love mean?

Q Who loves and cares for you? How do they show love and care and why?

Q What do members of your family do for each other and why?

Q How have you been inspired to love by these people in your life? How do you show love to others?

The above could be completed and evidenced on the class blog, or any other way you wish. Be creative…say to yourself, ‘I WILL’!




  1. This topic really made us think about our actions and how we communicate with each other also it made us think deeply about the people that we are loved by. This topic really grabbed us in and we are really enjoying it. This is a really good topic and we are keen to learn more about this. This has made our RE topic an enjoyable lesson.

  2. Love is the most important thing in life it will help you get friends and so much more. Everybody will have love in there hearts, but love is the main thing because you can show love to people and they would show love aswel. If you stat to love somebody they will pass it on, love is contagious. This shows why love is so important.

  3. I think that unconditional love is a good topic for Come and See because it helps us understand how/who you could love you.I hope to learn more about this topic in the future.

  4. This topic is great as we learn more and dive deeper into loving others unconditional love. This is also teaching us that unconditional love is treating someone with respect, and not expecting something in return.

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